Our top 3 creative eco-friendly food packaging designs

eco-friendly food packaging designs

Photo from: www.fobo.heineken.fr

From David Attenborough’s passionate documentaries to plastic pollution campaign groups and powerful social media hashtags, the pressure on food and drink brands to offer eco-friendly packaging is rising.

Reacting to this pressure, many big brands in the food industry have made statements about how they plan to cut down their plastic use and reduce their impact on the planet.

Sainsbury’s have said they’re committed to reducing their branded food packaging by 50% by 2025, whilst Heineken has announced it’s refreshing its brand packaging with a more eco-friendly focus, replacing its single use plastic rings and shrink wrap with a recyclable cardboard instead.

But what does this all mean for the future design of food packaging?

Cut waste, not creativity

For food brands trying to transition to eco-friendly packaging, it can be a confusing process. However going ‘green’ doesn’t have to mean being bland with your design.

We’ve spotted a few brands who are leading the way with sustainable yet creative packaging…

Loving Earth

eco-friendly food packaging designs

Photo from: www.bpando.org/2015/08/19/package-design-loving-earth

Chocolate and superfood bar brand Loving Earth have managed to combine the nation’s love of chocolate with sustainable packaging. The majority of their product packaging is compostable and can be disposed of the same way you wood with food waste.

Made with a compostable film from renewable plant resources, their chocolate boxes and boxed cereals are made of 100% recycled wood fibres. They also use non-toxic vegetable-based printing ink on some of their chocolate boxes, to prevent toxic chemicals and dyes seeping into water supplies.

We were drawn to the two-tone colours used on their chocolate bar packaging along with the bold type, as it helps the products stand out against competition. Loving Earth prove you can be bold in both design and brand ethos.


eco-friendly food packaging designs

Photos from: www.lickalix.com

Leading the way in eco-friendly packaging design for the frozen lollies industry is LICKALIX. Their 100% compostable packaging is made from wood pulp and displays the world’s first ‘Plastic Free Trust Mark’.

Their fun, colourful and standout packaging design immediately catches the eye and helps define their brand identity. We particularly like their playful logo design.


eco-friendly food packaging designs

Photo from: www.lovethewild.com

After a year of development and testing, LovetheWild released a compostable tray for their line of ready-to-cook sustainable seafood meals. Made from plant-based plastic, the company have stated they’re cutting waste by reducing portion size and the overall packaging size.

We love how the brand have created colour identities for each of their products that are bright, eye-catching and include a balance of photography and product illustrations.

Want to find out more about the rise of eco-friendly foods, interested in discovering how to define your packaging design or feeling inspired to create your own eco-friendly packaging? Get in touch with us at Eat Marketing today and we’ll cook up some creative ideas for your food brand.

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