3 reasons why you need branded food packaging

Over the years, one of the most common questions we’ve been asked by clients is whether it’s really worth investing in branded food packaging or merchandise for their fish and chip shop.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager Maria recently spoke to Florigo, an established name in the fish and chip industry known for their frying ranges, on her top three reasons why branded packaging is so much better than off the shelf standard options.

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1. It promotes your brand

Great packaging is essentially another marketing tool for your fish and chips business to take advantage of. Whether it’s branded sauce pots, greaseproof paper, takeaway boxes or paper bags, designing unique food packaging will mean your business is being promoted as soon as customers leave your shop.

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly, recyclable products, we’ve also helped many clients brand reusable merchandise such as coffee cups, water bottles and jute bags.

2. It helps grow customer loyalty

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Taking the time to establish a unique design for your packaging or merchandise will help your brand make a lasting impression on customers. Encouraging familiarity with your fish and chip shop through branded food packaging will help grow your brand recognition, a factor that’s been seen to increase revenue by 23%.

You’ll also be able to provide a consistent experience for your customers that will eventually lead to a loyal following for your business.

3. You’ll stay ahead of the competition

Hennighans fish and chips food packaging f

Creating a bespoke design that’s unique to your shop and stands out from the crowd, will put you at an advantage over your competitors. Branded food packaging or merchandise acts as a mobile advertisement, promoting your business to potential new customers who may not have heard of your brand before. Investing in unique packaging may be the deciding factor that encourages a customer to choose your fish and chip shop over another they do not recognise.

As Maria also mentions in the video, it’s important you find a reputable supplier and printer to make your chosen designs look great.

For more information on how Eat Marketing could help your fish and chip business with branded food packaging get in touch, or explore how we’ve worked with our clients to define their brand.

bespoke food packaging

Bespoke food packaging

Discover how Eat Marketing can give your food packaging the wow factor, to ensure your brand is chosen over others.

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