4 key things to consider when creating your brand logo design


Your fish and chips might taste perfect and customer service at your shop might be fantastic, but is your brand working hard enough to get more customers?

We’ve worked with lots of fish and chips businesses over the years to create some great looking brands. In a video filmed for Florigo, our Sales and Marketing Manager Maria dishes out her advice on the top four things to consider when creating your brand logo design.

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1. Choose an attractive font

Brand logo design

A brand logo design is hugely impacted by the typeface you choose. Different fonts evoke different emotions from customers, so it’s important to choose an attractive font that will work in a logo design and across all your branding.

Brand logo design

The chosen font should represent your brand personality and what you stand for. Whether you would prefer to be seen as personal, quirky, bold, traditional or contemporary and clean, there’s a font for that.

2. Use strong colours

Brand logo design

Picture the colour of those golden McDonald’s arches or the luscious deep purple of Cadbury’s. With these brands, their colour is the predominant element of their identity, enabling customers to instantly recognise the brand.

Brand logo design

When you’re looking at colours to use in your logo design and branding, consider what your competitors are doing, the connotations behind each colour option and how these tie into your brand personality.

3. Create a modern image

Your fish and chip shop might use tried and tested old family recipes, but that doesn’t mean your brand image should look and feel old too. Creating a strong, modern identity will give you a competitive advantage.

We loved creating a modern twist on retro branding for Simpsons Fish and Chips and celebrating the tradition of Hennighan’s with a playful brand image and fish icon.

Brand logo design

Brand logo design

4. Define an attention-grabbing strapline

Brand logo design

You’ll also need to come up with a strapline that really grabs the attention of your audience. This doesn’t necessarily have to state exactly what your business does, but intrigues viewers into finding out more about your brand.

Brand logo design

As Maria also mentions in the video, it’s important to take a step back once you have created your brand logo design. Consider whether it works as well on print as it does on digital – a huge aspect to get right in this day and age.

For more information on how Eat Marketing could help your business with creating a unique logo design that’s right for your business, get in touch or explore how we’ve worked with our clients to define their brand.

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