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5 reasons why wireframing is important for your website

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When faced with the prospect of creating a new website, it can sometimes feel a little daunting. Trying to decide what content you need and where it should sit is quite a big task. However, spending time to draw up wireframes beforehand can really make designing a new website easier for your food business.

What exactly is a wireframe?

A wireframe is simply a skeleton of your future website. It gives both you and your designer the chance to consider how a user will interact with your business and any content online by mapping out pages and customer journeys.

What are the top 5 reasons to use wireframes for your website design?

1. Confirm the structure of your website design

By mapping out the functionality of each web page, it helps confirm what pages will work and what pages can be scrapped to improve a user journey. You’ll want to ensure each page has a clear purpose and achieves the goals set out in your original brief. It’s also at this stage where your site navigation, footer and categories can be confirmed.

2. Catch potential problems early

It’s much easier to make a change, add or scrap pages in a wireframe than at a later design stage. Investing time at the beginning of your website project will benefit you in the long run and cut down on the amount of back and forth in the development phase.

3. Focus on each task in hand

Without the distraction of placeholder images, fonts or colour palettes, wireframes offer a distraction-free way of viewing the structural elements of your website in one glance. It offers you a rare chance to view your food business from a customer’s point of view.

4. Your chance to provide feedback

Presenting all the pages of your future website together allows for a complete view of how your customers will interact with your food brand. As wireframes focus on usability, it’s a perfect time to make changes or revise layouts if you feel a page isn’t functioning properly.

5. Prioritise content

Wireframing provides a prime opportunity to confirm the elements and content to be included within your website. By creating an informational hierarchy, it helps establish what information needs to be provided and where on your website, to help move a user along on their journey.

When it comes to developing a food brand website, if shortcuts are taken early on then the design suffers at a later stage. Investing the time and thought in creating a thorough wireframe at the start of your project, will not only help you get a great website but also ensure your customers have a great brand experience.

For more information about the importance of wireframes or to start your website design journey, contact our team at Eat Marketing today.

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