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Drive sales and attract customers with brand consistency

Do you have brand consistency?

Having a consistent approach to branding can make all the difference when it comes to your food business, not only by bringing in more revenue for your food business, but because customers will be able to spot you in a crowd where everyone is vying for their attention. By following consistent brand guidelines it’s you they’ll see, understand and come to.

In fact, brand consistency can increase a company’s revenue by 23 percent according to a study conducted by LucidPress. This shows that consumers like consistency and repetition, and by offering them brand consistency, they will, in time, internalise your brand values and lead them to making those all-important purchases with you.

Increasing revenue for Alandas

Alandas brand consistency

Increasing revenue through brand consistency is something we love to do here at Eat Marketing, and our recent work with the Alandas group, who, through part of their business make award-winning gelato, did just that. Concentrating on the gelato side of the business, we delivered a consistent brand experience that echoed the Alandas’ family values and helped differentiate the gelato side of the business from the other two sides of the business.

The result? A modern, consistent and charming identity that encompasses all three elements of the business yet, still allows for separate identities. This strong new look has enabled the brand to go from strength to strength with an increasing customer base and getting a listing in Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh.

Creating a consistent brand for Sixty Fish

creating brand consistency for sixty fish

Sixty Fish is another Eat Marketing client who has seen the benefits of having a strong and consistent brand identity. We were there right from the start with their branding, even creating the name ‘Sixty Fish’ (which reflects the family’s history in the industry that started with their first shop back in 1960) and the bright yellow, eye catching logo. The use of the colour yellow extended to every part of their branding, right down to the furniture (hello bright yellow stools!) taking into account that colour (according to a study conducted by the University of Loyola) can increase brand recognition by up to 80%! Their strong and consistent branding has made all the difference when it comes to their success as they stand out as a strong, professional and modern food business and now, they have exciting plans to expand throughout the Midlands and we’ll be right there to support them!

So, as a food or drinks business, how can you increase your own company’s revenue when it comes to brand consistency? Following tried, tested and successful brand elements is key, and ensure customers know your brand in an instant.

Key Elements for Brand Success

Have a mission statement

What are your aims? Hopes? Desires? Having a mission statement can really help you understand what you want and need to do to be a success. And by being transparent about your ‘mission’ for your company, you’ll gain the respect and loyalty of your customers as a whopping 94% of consumers (according to Label Insight) say they are more likely to be loyal when a brand is transparent about who they are and what they offer.

Knowing exactly what your aims are will also help you focus on how your overall branding will develop. Growth doesn’t just happen, your branding strategy is a key factor when it comes to increased revenue and thriving against the competition.

Keep your tone consistent

Think about your tone. How do you want to come across? Formal and with an air of expertise or less serious and more fun? Find your tone and stick to it – across everything you do – so that your audience always know it’s you.

Look consistent

Once you have your tone, bring it together with how you look. Use colours, font and design that reflects your tone of voice and keep the same look across the board. Put your tone of voice guidelines together with a style guide too, so everyone knows how the brand needs to come across both in look and message.

Go social

Think about how your brand will come across on social media channels. Will your look catch people’s eye? Does your tone of voice ensure you’ll be able to attract and engage with your audience? Social media is such an important part of any brand strategy; people don’t just use social media to interact with family and friends, many follow at least one brand, and according to this interesting visual report, 72% of Twitter followers of a brand are more likely to purchase a product from them.

Take the time to plan and consider how you can increase engagement rates with good brand recognition by way of good brand consistency.

If you would like to know more about how to use brand consistency for your food or drink brand, contact us today. Helping companies use brand consistency as a way to drive lead generation and gain revenue is an important part of our service and we’d love to tell you more!

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