Mallinson's of Oldham

Creating the brochure of the century

The brief

With an outdated brochure, Mallinson’s of Oldham were struggling to represent the breadth of services, frying ranges and skills offered by the business. They needed a brochure that reflected their century of experience within the fish and chips industry and their vision for the future.

What we did

Bespoke British Ranges

Established in 1920, Mallinson’s of Oldham manufacture and supply traditional, quality frying ranges in Britain. They also offer fish and chip shops a variety of other services and spare parts.

The business had recently been taken over by new owners who were looking to re-introduce their frying ranges to the market and raise the profile of the brand to match the high quality product and service.

However Mallinson’s current brochure told an old narrative that was disconnected from their new branding. As part of the relaunch, we suggested redesigning the brochure to ensure a consistent brand message was apparent across both digital and print.

The brochure of the century

Launching their new brand during the Brexit transition, it created an opportunity to bring Mallinson’s British USP into focus. We wanted to carry this sense of heritage and pride surrounding British manufacturing into the brochure design.

Using different colour blocks from the brand colour palette through the brochure, the spread is broken up through the use of full photography that showcases the ranges and Mallinson’s team.

A passion for ranges

Bold and direct headlines are used to immediately attract the attention of a reader whilst the roundel logo acts as a Mallinson’s ‘stamp of approval’ across the brochure.

We focused on pulling out the brand’s six core values, as well as giving their three frying ranges space to breathe in the brochure and showcasing their main features.

It was also important for Mallinsons’s services to be included – from steel design and fabrication to repairs and maintenance – encouraging readers to find out more by visiting the new website.

Mallinson’s of OIdham now have a modern, on-brand brochure they can be proud of. With enough information to encourage the reader to want to find out more online, Mallinson’s are now ready for their next century of trading.


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