Caudal and Dorsal

Developing a unique brand for a modern pub-restaurant group

The brief

Caudal and Dorsal, a new pub-restaurant brand, needed a bold brand strategy to burst into the food industry with. They needed a unique group name and a flexible brand identity that could be used across all future business purchases in this sector and create trust with new and existing customers.

What we did

Our approach 

We needed to create a brand strategy that represented the new, modern group Caudal and Dorsal, that could sit under multiple pub-restaurants and work in its own entity when needed. 

The name ‘Caudal and Dorsal’ is a reference to the fins found on a fish and is a nod to the fish and chips that will be the mainstay of all Caudal and Dorsal pub- restaurant and takeaway menus.  The unique nature of the brand is emphasised by the individual font used and the use of the ‘and’ positioned vertically between the 2 names. The introduction of the C&D fish completes the new brand and provides an additional marketing tool to work across all communication, such as social channels.

The neutral colour palette of tonal greys, white, cream and a dark blue allows the brand the flexibility needed to work across any new and additional businesses joining the Caudal and Dorsal family going forward.

The mechanical illustrative style gives it a modern and unique feel in line with the new brand, and their modern take on the pub-restaurant and takeaway sector. The messaging supports the idea of a new and contemporary style – ‘ British modern food’  captures both the fresh approach to classic favourites on the menu and conveys the British nature of its pub-restaurant and takeaway group offering. 

The group brand was rolled out across its Thorn Tree Inn location. The balance between launching a new group brand while retaining the much loved Thorn Tree Inn identity was crucial to the project. The restaurant is a local favourite, but the on-site takeaway needed to be clearly identified with the Caudal and Dorsal branding. This has been done giving The Thorn Tree Inn a fresh new look – with new menus and signage design that match the modern style and colour palette of the Caudal and Dorsal branding. 

Eat Marketing have also provided social media support to the Thorn Tree Inn location – letting existing customers know that the pub is now part of the Caudal and Dorsal group, as well as attracting new customers to visit with food spotlight posts, team shots and more.

The result

Caudal and Dorsal has now launched at The Thorn Tree Inn in Nottingham, offering a modern pub-restaurant menu of classic British favourites and an on brand fish and chip takeaway. The brand is positioned to bring new outlets into the group and grow into the future, while maintaining the customer base of loyal customers to those outlets. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Caudal and Dorsal, with future plans to work on website design and development, packaging design and press release and advert design.

“Eat Marketing really understood how to help us break into the pub-restaurant industry with our group brand. From the beginning, the team was on hand to support us, offer advice and use their knowledge of the food industry to ensure our brand works digitally and in print. They’ve been amazing to work with and have created a brand we’re proud of.” 

 Group Director – Caudal and Dorsal

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