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The brief

As Simpsons had a strong foundation of a brand and website, it was time to tell the world how great they were by opening their marketing channels and optimising their content marketing.

What we did


Showing Simpsons’ social side

Award-winning Simpsons Fish and Chips are known for being a little bit cool. Their quirky, out the box thinking has positioned the brand as one to follow in the industry. To help keep the momentum going following Simpsons being named the UK’s Number 1 Fish & Chips Takeaway in 2016, we teamed up with the team to create an engaging social strategy.

Regular social posting ensures Simpsons are continuing to engage with customers and promoting what there is to enjoy at the shop. The brand’s tone of voice is cheeky, confident and playful, meaning we can have a lot of fun with Simpsons’ social posts.

As part of the social account management, we also refreshed the branding across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, optimising each channel to the specifications of each platform and reflect the differing audience types.


Fridays are the new Fry-yays

Since opening their doors back in 2009 to the town of Cheltenham, Simpsons Fish and Chips has amassed thousands of fans who love what the brand offers and represents.

To retain their love and attract new subscribers, Eat Marketing created a monthly email newsletter ‘Fry-yay’ – sent on the first Friday of every month – offering a different special offer with each send along with the latest Simpsons news. Friendly, fun and full of positivity, Fry-yay lands a dose of delicious happiness into subscribers’ inbox every month.


Forming an extra special connection

In addition to the Fry-yay email newsletter and social posting, we also help Simpsons connect with their customers through creative monthly blog articles.

These engaging articles are a great way to dive deeper into Fry-yay’s special offers, topical issues (such as International Women’s Day) or upcoming events that are inline with the Simpsons’ brand such as Wimbledon.

Through promoting the blog articles on social posts or within Fry-yay content, it’s a great way of encouraging more traffic to the Simpsons’ website and raising brand awareness.


Chip chip hooray…a decade of Simpsons

2019 was a big year for Simpsons as they celebrated 10 years of being open, proving how much trust, loyalty and reputation they had built up not only in their local community but industry-wide.

To help get the word out there, Simpsons wanted to shout from the virtual (and physical) rooftops about their glorious decade of achievements with Eat Marketing supporting them across the different channels.

From display advertising to targeted social posts and bespoke 10-year merchandise, we were there behind Simpsons every step of the way, championing their success through delivering creative content.

We can’t wait to see what they get up to over the next decade!


“Eat Marketing just ‘get’ us. Always professional, always friendly and always reliable. We’ve never been disappointed with their designs, ideas or service. In fact, they had so many great design concepts for our menus that we couldn’t choose and ended up with all of them!” – Simpsons


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