Influencing the increasing consumer demand for vegan and vegetarian dishes

The brief

Long established B2B brand Classic Cuisine wanted to tap into the B2C market to sell their range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as their indulgent desserts. Cookoo needed help to reach a new digital-focused audience through an e-commerce website.

What we did

Our approach

It was important that the e-commerce website worked hard to build brand trust and turn new users into loyal customers by targeting the consumer directly. Cookoo enlisted ex-rugby union player and MasterChef contestant Christian Day as a brand ambassador whilst we focused on showcasing both the value of the Cookoo brand and USPs in the end-to-end user journey, creating a space where customers can browse and buy from the sweet and savoury range in less than three clicks.

Although Cookoo already had a logo, they needed help to evolve this design into a fully-fledged brand to create an immersive experience for their target audience and to understand the value and true meaning of Cookoo.

Within the logo and brand, the little bird symbolises delivering food to the family nest (or in this case the family home) representing how customers can enjoy restaurant quality food from the comfort of their own home with Cookoo.

The result

Cookoo now has a fully fledged B2C brand they are confident in and that the market has an appetite for. Now with a complete brand style in place, the team can roll this out across all digital and print channels to ensure consistency when building brand awareness among new audiences.

Their sweet and savoury product ranges are now available in the digital market with customers able to peruse at their pleasure and order to enjoy restaurant quality meals at home – whether that’s for a cosy night in or hosting a dinner party.

Following the e-commerce website design and brand development, Cookoo’s brand ambassador Christian Day also has the confidence to publish and promote the business with his 17.3k following on social media.

“Thanks to Eat Marketing, we’ve been able to achieve a B2C online presence that perfectly appeals to our target audience and clearly reflects our brand USPs.”

– Managing Director, Cookoo

Christian Day

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