Cost effective ways to achieve great restaurant menu design and update them yourself

Maintaining a consistent look and feel for your restaurant menu designs is crucial for brand identity and customer experience. As menus frequently change due to seasonal updates, price adjustments, or nutritional information, it’s important to find a design agency that can supply you with great menu design in a way that allows you to make updates yourself for the most cost effective outcome. This ensure consistency with your brand and helps you save those all important pounds. 

So, join us as we take a closer look at how to update your mouth watering menus yourself and save some money… Effective DIY menu update solutions

Adobe Acrobat

By using Adobe Acrobat, design agencies can provide you, as the client, with a PDF version of your menu, this allows you to make changes to items and prices as and when needed, so you don’t have to go through a design agency which means you save money. While this method ensures design consistency, it requires thoughtful implementation to allow for new items and can be slightly restrictive.


We understand that many of you prefer to have restaurant menu designs in a PDF format for easy printing or downloading, however having an online version is equally important for mobile view and Google Search. 

WordPress allows us to design menus and enables you to make updates via the content management system yourself, making it a cost effective option. This platform also supports adding filters, such as viewing vegan or vegetarian options, enhancing user experience and searchability. 


Canva is a great tool for clients to update their restaurant menu designs and in turn save money, provided it’s set up with the correct brand fonts, colours, and sizing. By creating and loading templates into your Canva account, you can easily make ongoing updates. When a new design is needed, that’s when our specialised services and advice are required again.

The key things to consider when it comes to restaurant menu design

  • Professional design: Having a professional design ensures menus properly reflect your brand, are correctly optimised for customers, and the design has been considered carefully in order to persuade customers to order from your menu 
  • Avoid Microsoft Word: From experience, Microsoft Word is not an effective solution for menu designs, which is why we recommended avoiding it 
  • Consult with a food consultant: For the best menu strategy, consider consulting a food expert. Many menus attempt to offer everything, but focusing on a targeted selection can enhance appeal

Examples of our menu designs

Check out some of the restaurant menu designs we’ve created for our clients over the years… 

Larder Lichfield

As a casual fine dining destination in Lichfield, we’ve created a range of seasonal and bespoke menus for this restaurant, supplying editable PDF versions for them to make updates themselves if needed, saving them both time and money.

Simpsons Fish & Chips

An award-winning fish and chip brand with a quirky personality, their restaurant menu designs needed to reflect their bold brand. We created a set of menus that are consistent with their brand, making their lives easier as the brand is now cohesive. 

The Wigmore Restaurant 

A family friendly, all day dining destination, we’ve been working with The Wigmore for over 10 years, providing menu design developments in a cost effective way, that keep the brand feeling fresh and new as their restaurant evolves. 


As a new street food business, Wahad needed a menu that stood out in busy food events and caught customer attention. This menu is simple, on brand and easily editable if needs be to ensure a cost effective and easy transition for the client. 


This street food brand needed menus that differentiated themselves from their competition, and left a lasting impression on foodies in Camden. The easily editable menus we provided work perfectly for this client, and have saved them lots of time and money when they’ve wanted to make last minute menu updates. 

Want to discuss how we can support you in creating and maintaining your restaurant menu designs, whilst ensure you save money? Whether you need a fresh design, or you’re looking for the tools to update your existing menu without breaking the bank, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us. 

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