Studio 13

Creating a unique and fun ice-cream and desserts brand

The brief

Hennighan’s, a popular fish and chip shop in the centre of Wales, had a vision to offer something new to Machynlleth: something fresh, modern, and quirky that had never been done before. Hennighan’s decided to expand the business beyond fish and chips into an ice cream parlour and dessert shop in order to attract families and visitors in the heart of the town.

What we did

Our approach

We were approached by an existing client, Hennighan’s, to work on its new business venture. As a popular tourist town in Wales, the brand needed to appeal to both locals and visitors. Not only this, but the brief also had a poignancy in that Studio 13 was the name of the tattoo studio run by a young family member, who unfortunately passed away in 2019. Therefore, it was important that Studio 13 paid homage to their memory.

We set out to create a vibrant, fun, and unique brand and logo design for Studio 13, with a clear connection to its name’s tattoo origins. Bright pink, yellow, and turquoise reflect the sweet and almost sugar-like colours that are used throughout the brand. The eye-catching branding fits well with the excitement and joy that an ice cream and dessert shop delivers, making the brand truly good enough to eat. To elevate the brand further, we incorporated tongue and cheek messaging with lines including:

“Hey ice-cream,  wanna spoon?”

‘I scream,  you scream for Studio 13.”

“Scoop! There it is!”

We supplied the client with a 14-page style guide containing font specifications, colour references, and guidance on how to ensure the new brand could be consistently applied across all marketing channels.

In addition, we also collaborated with a local signage company to create eye-catching signs for the new shop and to keep the brand experience lively and engaging for customers.

The results

The fresh and modern Studio 13 brings joy and a splash of colour to Machynlleth through their unique bright pink shop on the high street, making it a go-to destination for residents and tourists alike. Keeping the brand thriving, Studio 13 are growing their social media presence with on-brand and vibrant content, complete with fun and engaging messaging to reflect the quirky nature of the business.

“The name of our business is very personal to us as a family so we wanted to make sure the brand image had the exact tattoo/cool vibe but through the sale of ice cream and desserts……Team Eat produced an excellent brand for us yet again. I open the doors of the shop each day beaming and proud to know the team produced exactly what we wanted. Thank you Team Eat I’m sure we’ll be back again.”
Jemma – Studio 13

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