Baketime Story

Creating a unique story for a delicious start- up cookie brand

The brief

Baketime Story, a new start-up cookie brand, needed a fun and unique brand strategy to stand out against competitors and entice customers. They needed a brand identity that told a story and appealed to a clearly defined, but wide, target audience with personalisation and gifting at the centre. This included a strong focus on e-commerce with a Shopify website design at the centre and brand awareness to help them grow to the next stage of their business, while retaining the nostalgic family connection and unique homemade recipes.

What we did

Our approach 

Our brief was to create a brand strategy for Baketime Story that brings the brand to life in a fun and imaginative way. A storytelling dimension was added to both the online and offline experience to relate to the family connection that the brand was driven by.

With the introduction of the new strapline, “All our cookies tell a story. Create yours.” We were able to create a brand copy tone that plays on the nostalgic feel of fairytale stories. The storytelling copy allows you to embark on a journey with the brand, each cookie flavour has its own unique story that separates them, from the baking process to the ingredients that are used to make them. This ensures that a greater appreciation for the home baked goods is reinforced throughout the website and emphasises the passionate and loving nature of the people behind the brand too.

The introduction of character and cookie illustrations have been used to capture and appeal to 4 specific target audiences: foodies, mums, corporate gifting and health conscious individuals looking to enjoy a cheat day treat. Using a mix of illustrations and cleverly incorporating cookie photography has given Baketime Story a distinct style.We incorporated this style into the brands social platforms, Facebook and Instagram, by optimising their social profiles to align with their new brand look and voice to help them stand out against their competitors.

This playful style works well on the Shopify website design with animation dotted throughout the site to bring the story to life and also works well to represent what the brand stands for when used in print across their packaging. We recognised that their website needed an injection of personality, incorporating the illustrative branding and reinforcing the storytelling connotations of a family baketime treat.

This was brought to life on Shopify giving our client a unique and creative Shopify website design that considers the user journey and is designed to engage and drive sales. The addition of a personalised page encourages buyer’s to create their own story in the form of a personalised video message. As an e-commerce brand, the packaging had to match the Shopify website to give customers a complete brand journey. The illustrated characters make an appearance on the packaging and give brand consistency and awareness.

The final packaging design included an insert card that we designed to give customers something a little extra and adds to their Baketime experience. The insert card gives information on how to properly store your cookies and includes a cookie menu to entice people to come back for seconds or thirds.

The result

Baketime Story now has a unique brand story that effectively communicates its USPs. There is now consistency throughout the entire customer journey from social media and website to placing an order through to receiving their cookie delivery. The Shopify website design allows customers to easily navigate their way through the site and place their guilt-free cookie orders. The brand has a strong personality and is well positioned for future growth.

“Thanks so much for all your hard work along this journey. The website has been completed and I am very satisfied with it, as well as the amazing packaging that has brought my brand to life. Appreciate you and your team’s effort!”

Owner – Crystal

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