15 Ways to Keep Creative When WFH With Our Creative Checklist

Struggling to settle into a healthy routine now you’re working from home?

Losing the structure of going out to work everyday can be tough, on both our physical and mental health. However it’s important to try and set a new routine as much as possible to help you stay focused and motivated.

From getting busy in the kitchen to giving meditation a go, we’ve put together 15 creative checklist ideas to help get you through the next few weeks in isolation…

1. Wake up on time

Keeping the routine of getting out of bed at your usual time and not snoozing your alarm, will help your body clock stay in sync.

2. Cook a proper breakfast

Is breakfast anyone else’s favourite meal of the day? Set yourself up with a filling, nutritious meal to help fuel your creativity.

3. Increase your fitness

Not only is exercise proven to release feel good chemicals to improve your mood, it also helps reduce stress. There’s plenty of free online resources to find a fitness routine that’s right for you.

4. Learn to make bread

What smells better than the scent of freshly baked bread? Try these no-kneading methods of baking to enjoy your own warm loaf with butter…yum!

5. Clean or tidy up

It doesn’t sound fun, but tidying things up can actually be strangely therapeutic. It takes your mind off work and leaves you with space to think once everything is put back in its place.

6. Spot the wildlife

From bumblebees, butterflies and bluetits, there’s plenty of nature making the most of the spring sunshine outside. What can you spot out your window?

7. Browse your recipe books for inspiration

Escape from reality into a new culinary world of spices, herbs or rich, succulent flavours by spending some time browsing your recipe books.

8. Get some fresh air

Whether you prefer walking, cycling, running or sitting, make sure you’re getting out for some fresh air during the day.

9. Choose to get creative

Dig out the sketchbooks, drawing pencils and paint or old knitting needles, for the chance to get creative and unwind at home.

10. Go on a virtual holiday

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean we can’t still enjoy a holiday, just a more virtual one, like this island escape to St Lucia.

11. Shake things up with a cocktail

Bring the party to you, by giving these cocktail mixers a go. Perfect for at-home, after-work drinks on a Friday night.

12. Give meditation a go

With apps such as Calm and Headspace offering special deals right now, try out meditation to help you relax your mind.

13. Write down your goals

Use this time stuck indoors to write down everything you’d like to achieve over the next 12 months and create a plan of action to help you achieve these goals.

14. Grow your own veg

If you’ve got a garden, consider planting some veggie seeds such as carrots, courgettes or parsnips. Otherwise create your own kitchen garden by potting easy growers such as chillies or basil.

15. Be your own star baker

Get the household together or try these recipes on your own from the Great British Bake Off, and see who is crowned ‘star baker’ each week.

If possible, try and tick off at least five of these tips every day – such as getting fresh air, not snoozing your alarm and getting a good breakfast. The others you can vary throughout the week to help mix up your healthy routine.

If you need a hand in how to manage working at home, why not check out our top 4 tips right here.

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