Our tasty creative round-up for June 2020

With restaurants, pubs, takeaways and cafes all given the go-ahead to reopen from July 4th, there’s been a lot going on within the industry. We’ve selected a few of our favourite creative campaigns and projects that launched during June to take a closer look at in our creative round-up…

Scrumptious rebrand for The Breakfast Club

creative round up July

The London-based, 80s-themed diner The Breakfast Club has received a fresh new look in a bid to unify its messaging. With 12 restaurants throughout the city, The Breakfast Club now has a “much stronger, more considered visual identity” with a redrawn logo, three typefaces and bespoke illustrations.

We particularly love the concept behind the new refined colour palette, with four main colours chosen to represent egg yolk, pancake batter, tomato and Marmite – key ingredients for any sophisticated brunch.

Seriously good new identity for Heinz

creative round up July

As a manufacturer of thousands of food products selling to markets in more than 200 countries, Heinz launched its new cohesive brand identity in June. The refreshed identity now unites over 20 product categories globally, seeing changes to the logo, visual identity, tone of voice and packaging designs.

Gone is the curved typography other than the Heinz logo, which allows it to breathe a little more instead of blending in with the other curve treatments. Overall it’s a great evolution of the brand with a really nice use of illustration to depict the ingredients of each product.

Updating brands following Black Lives Matter movement

creative round up July

Following the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests across the world, many food companies have begun to analyse the connotations behind their own brand packaging.

From the announcement that both Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima’s will be undertaking rebrands to remove any negative representations within their logo, established food brands are now realising it could be time to evolve their designs.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month to catch up together on the latest creative work in the industry throughout July.

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