Our tasty creative round-up for April 2020

In the first of our monthly creative round-ups, we’re taking a look back over our favourite campaigns, rebrands and projects launched during lockdown by food brands across the globe.

Crafted new identity for Cadbury

eat marketing - tasty round up april 2020 - Dairy Milk

During April Cadbury released their new global identity and packaging for markets in Australia, South Africa and Malaysia with the UK and Ireland expected to see the new designs in 2021. Established in 1824, this is Cadbury’s first image overhaul in 50 years and the new wordmark is said to have drawn inspiration from the hand of founder John Cadbury himself to create a crafted signature with a contemporary feel.

The new logo is an elegant evolution of the previous, feeling more open and airy with newly reworked curves. We also like that the iconic Glass and a Half logo has been redesigned to link directly with the chocolate chunk to emphasize the quality of creamy ingredients. Anyone else craving chocolate now?

Tesco’s hoppy letter from the Easter Bunny

eat marketing - tasty round up april 2020 - Tesco

With Easter Sunday celebrated away from extended family in our own homes this year, Tesco knew it was going to be a difficult task for parents to explain to children why there was no Easter egg hunt outside to enjoy. To give parents support, Tesco designed a beautifully written and illustrated print advert of a letter to little ones from the Easter Bunny herself. It’s a really lovely, creative idea that’s brought to life through delicate, colourful illustrations.

Yes Chef! said yes to a new brand identity

eat marketing - tasty round up april 2020 - Yes Chef

With restaurants, takeaways and food outlets temporarily closing their doors to customers due to coronavirus-enforced self-isolation regulations, Yes Chef! launched as a home dining solution for Australian’s in need during lockdown. Working to a very tight timescale, the branding was created to enable the business to offer their service as quickly as possible.

At the core of the brand identity is an energetic, oversized wordmark set in letters from Sweden’s Ivar Display Condensed Extra Bold in a ‘chilli red’ and ‘deep aubergine’ colour palette. The overall look creates a sense of homeliness whilst the characterful illustrations and reassuring tone of voice add an extra layer of comfort to an already appetising solution.

Cheeky launch campaign for Emily Crisps

eat marketing - tasty round up april 2020 - Emilly's crisps

Emily Crisps decided to run their first ever outdoor media campaign during April, just as lockdown was announced. Instead of crying into their crisps the brand took advantage of the extraordinary situation by shifting their brand message and tone of voice to be more along the lines of a parody. We think it works really well and captures our attention much more than if they had ploughed ahead with the original campaign concepts.

What events will next month bring? Who knows. But make sure you pay us a visit anyway to catch up together on the latest creative work in the industry throughout May.

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