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Eat Marketing’s Food Marketing Trends 2018


2018 is officially here, and with that comes a range of new and exciting food marketing trends that are definitely worth paying attention to. From the latest technology you should take advantage of,  to content that captures your customer’s attention, we’re here to give you the marketing know-how you need to take 2018 by storm. So, shall we start?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This is a biggy, so big we’ve even put together a whitepaper all about it. The GDPR will change the way you process data within your business, especially when it comes to email marketing or when your customers fill in loyalty card sign-ups.  To avoid expensive fines, it’s important to take GDPR seriously. But don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to implement and you have until May this year to get everything ready. Still not sure? Ask a member of the Eat Marketing team for a copy of our whitepaper.

Be transparent

Customers are getting smarter, and are demanding more information about their food and the packaging it’s in. This means they’ll see right through any big claims that have zero proof behind them. It’s time to be clear and transparent in all that you do, from nutrition information on menus to correct labelling. However, many manufacturers are using this trend to their advantage, by highlighting their product’s responsibly sourced ingredients and health benefits.

Augmented reality (AR) and food

With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone X AR experiences, and more brands than ever using AR in their campaigns, it’s a trend that’s likely to grow in popularity. In terms of AR and food, you can expect to see it used for recipe hunting, product promotion and garnering information, such as calories and ingredients. Just look at Amazon Go, where all you need to do is simply open the app, shop and then walk out with your groceries – absolutely no need for queuing. This type of technology is likely to transform the traditional food marketing method, and we can’t wait to see the results.

Influencer marketing continues to rise

From social media posts that include b-list celebrities pushing diet drinks, to vloggers advertising their favourite biscuits, the power of influencers is an expanding phenomenon. The reason why? People want what their heroes have, and sometimes that’s a tea that claims to keep your weight down. Not only that, but this marketing technique is favoured by those who have struggled under online ad blocking.

The trick to making this work for your business? Make sure that your products truly connect with your influencer. For example, there’d be no point in pairing up Mary Berry with a protein shake brand – well, unless she’s recently taken up weight training.

Keep it casual

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, keeping your copy casual and conversational is likely to benefit your business. After all, whether you’re talking to a B2B manager or B2C customer, we’re all human and we all want to feel like we’re being spoken to by another person – not just a faceless brand. You can do this by including colloquialisms, contractions and engaging questions. For more tips, just ask Eat Marketing’s content marketing team.

Voice search

Although traditional SEO will still be as important as ever, there’s an additional piece of the SEO puzzle worth considering: voice search. With gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home on the rise, it’s no surprise that the demand on voice search continues to rise. There’s currently plenty of research taking place to make sure we can approach this new technology in the right way. Such as thinking mobile-first, to using long-tail keywords (these are simple phrases you might use to find something on Google), there’s plenty you can start introducing to your market plan. As a foodie example, a great long-tail phrase for restaurant owners would be: ‘where is the best restaurant in [location]’.

And voila, here are 6 of the biggest food marketing trends you should utilise going into 2018. From AR to GDPR, they range in difficulty, but could easily transform the way you market. We wonder which of these trends you’ll test out first?

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