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Food Trends 2017: Which Will You Follow?

Say hello to a new year and new food trends for 2017, but which ones will tickle your taste buds? Here at Eat Marketing, we’re passionate about food, and we’re always on the lookout for what’s new, what works and what consumers want, so take a look at our top food trends for 2017 and discover how you can try them for yourself, and even introduce them to your own food business.


No, not the kind of poke you find on Facebook but rather ‘POH-keh’, which is actually cubed, raw fish with seasoning.

A taste for poke began to emerge in 2016, but we predict it will explode into a major food trend for 2017. A staple in Hawaiian islands for centuries, ‘poke’ means, quite simply, ‘to cut crosswise into pieces’ (think criss-crossed stacks of fresh, seasoned raw fish, bones and all) and whilst in poke lore, recipes were inspired by fishy captures from the sea such as moi, today’s poke variations extend to fried meats, avocado poke and even tofu poke.

Fancy a taste? For a poke experience, try Ahi Poke, Tombo or Black Roe. Or if you fancy having a go at making your own poke dish, we like these recipe guidelines from The Huffington Post – aloha!

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls!

Let us introduce you to the next big trend for 2017 – bowls. You may have noticed in 2016, that when you ordered food at a trendy eatery, your food came in a bowl, but in 2017, you can find even more foodie bowl offerings in various shapes and sizes.

And it’s not just rice. Bowls of chips, breakfasts and puddings are becoming more popular. In fact, this trend for ‘bowl food’ has been quietly emerging for a few years now.

Perhaps the fact that bowl food is very Instagram friendly helps… under the #bowl hashtag for example, you’ll find millions of posts featuring food in a bowl attached to it. We have to admit, these bowls of food look good enough to eat!

There are also restaurants dedicated to bowl foods. Try Viva Acai, which serves colourful bowls of ultra-healthy acai berry blends topped with fruits and granola, or try one of the Mae Bowls at The Mae Deli (brainchild of healthy food guru Deliciously Ella and her husband Matthew). They currently have two delis, one at Seymour Place and another at Weighhouse Street (both in London).

Yolk it!

Eggs are good for us, eggs are healthy, and ever since they distanced themselves from high cholesterol scares, egg yolks are everywhere. If you’re fans of social media, you may already be aware of the trend known as ‘yolk porn’ and images of eggs oozing with runny yolk. You’ll find it all the rage in restaurants too; all kinds of food topped with perfectly cooked, slightly wobbly eggs with those golden centres ready to erupt at any second – delicious!

Ethnically Authentic

We’re a food savvy lot nowadays, and that means we want our food to be authentic, not an Americanised or anglicised version! So, when we eat Chinese food, we want it to taste like ‘real’ Chinese food, and the same goes for Indian, Italian and Greek (amongst others) too.

Restaurants specialising in authentic dishes aren’t new of course, but as a food trend, our demand for such places is rising and we’re seeking them out even more over plastic, inauthentic offerings.

For a beautifully authentic Chinese food experience, try Hunan, but beware, as the cuisine of the Hunan province is well-known for its chilli-heat; their dishes are authentically spicy!

Fancy a curry instead? Birmingham has some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK and one of our personal favourites is the award-winning Lasan where you’ll find ‘exquisite cuisine that teases the senses and stirs the soul.’

Or, if you dream of hand-rolled pasta filled with authentic tasting sauces and fillings inspired by Italy, try Padella. Their pasta portions are a little piece of Italy on a plate.

Plant-based Meat

The demand for plant-based protein is on the rise and we reckon it’s a major food trend for 2017. With more and more people moving away from the meat, this is an ideal – and healthy – alternative. Oh and it tastes delicious!

Plant-based food is already really popular in the USA, with food companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat providing restaurants, schools and stores with plant-based burger patties that look, cook and taste just like fresh ground beef. Closer to home, eateries such as the Wild Food Café in London and Milgi in Cardiff offer delectable plant-based eating delights.

Food By-Products

Talking of sustainability leads us quite neatly to our next food trend for 2017 – food by-products, or rather, food waste. So much food is wasted every year in so many countries but lately, more and more companies are tackling the problem by donating left over food and now, there’s even new brands emerging that can use certain food waste to create tasty food.

Take Pulp Pantry, their granola is made from from leftover juicer pulp, and Regrained re-use harvests grain from craft beer for their healthy cereal type bars.

This segment in food is, quite possibly, the newest food trend to emerge for 2017, and it’s also one of the most interesting as it opens up a cheaper market of tasty, high-nutrition products for consumers.



Insects, we hear you question. That’s right, but are you willing to give this food trend for 2017 a try? Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal have tried to convince us that insects are a tasty titbit, and in countries such as Thailand you’ll find street stalls filled with deep fried locusts, crickets and more, but here, the concept of eating insects has never really taken off.

But with sustainability being such a big thing, as well as a move away from too much red meat, insects may be an interesting, alternative protein source! And yet, if the thought of eating whole insects leaves you feeling a bit cold, there are other ways to get a healthy insect fix… Did you know, for example, that cricket flour is packed with protein as well as being environmentally sustainable?

Crowbar is an award-winning health food brand that produces cricket flour and a range of cricket-rich energy bars. Take a look at the Gathr Foods website for more information. Or, if you fancy trying an insect rich meal, visit the chain for a plate of tasty grasshoppers!

Have you been inspired by our food trend predictions for 2017? We’re going to take the plunge and try a few, so why not join us and try something new?

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