How to choose your perfect food marketing agency

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Trying to choose a food marketing agency to develop your brand or deliver creative work can be a daunting task.

When choosing an agency, it’s important they can demonstrate a passion for your brief and an understanding of the power of creative.

Google search results will only take you so far on your search. Instead, it’s worth getting to know the team behind the listings. Speak to people or other businesses in your industry and ask for recommendations. Look out for campaigns or marketing you like before finding out who did the creative.

As every brief and new campaign is different, you’ll want a creative agency that is adaptable and offers a bespoke service. It’s also important to understand if an agency’s strengths and ideas are inline with your own.

Spend time deciding upon your goals

Do you want to get more visits to your website or do you need a whole new website design altogether? Maybe you want to build a following on social media or need help choosing a brand name?

At the start of your search, it’s worth writing down your aims and reasons for enlisting the help of a food marketing agency. This will ensure you have a clear direction and brief.

Do they speak your language?

Not literally, although that does help. As a food or drink business, choosing a creative agency who have direct experience and specialist knowledge of your industry can be priceless.

For a start, they’ll understand your target audience and will be able to demonstrate practical experience within your industry. The team will also be able to offer advice based on what’s worked well for other clients.

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Finding a digitally literate agency

To get your food brand noticed online, you’ll need an agency who understands how to ensure a marketing campaign works at every level. Do they know how to map out customer journeys online? And how do they go about targeting omni-channel experiences?

You’ll want an agency who can tweak and transform creative content to suit a variety of platforms whilst still using your brand’s tone of voice.

Are they social?

This not only applies to an agency IRL, but also on social media. Have they got experience devising social strategies that stand out in a crowded marketplace? Can they tailor content to meet the changing needs of various social apps and platforms?

You can also get a good sense of an agency by following their own social accounts. What are they posting about? Reach out and comment on some of their posts and see how they respond. This will help you get an idea of their approach to social.

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Bigger isn’t always better

Don’t rule out an agency due to the number of staff or the size of their building. Smaller marketing agencies are by no means less impactful than larger, London-based firms. The digital world means relationships are easily established and communication made easier.

Choosing an independent, smaller agency means you’ll have the support of the whole team and can enjoy direct contact with those who’ll work on making your brand a success. You will also have the chance to have a real input into decisions, unlike larger agencies.

Specialist food marketing agency

Eat Marketing is an independent, specialist food marketing agency based in Coventry. With over 20 years of experience working within the industry, we love mixing our knowledge and know-how to cook up creative solutions for our clients.

If you need help with your marketing or brand strategy, social media marketing, packaging or website design, why not contact our friendly team at Eat and see where we can take your food brand today?

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How to choose your perfect food marketing agency

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