How to include Instagram Reels in your social strategy and raise brand awareness

Have you heard about Instagram’s latest feature Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels gives users the ability to create short videos using a series of clips, to rival competitor social platform TikTok.

Sounds interesting, tell me more…

Instagram Reels is “a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.”

Its launch, which follows around a year in development, has seen Reels land in 50 countries with thousands of users already creating new video content within the app.

Using Reels allows you to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos and add audio, effects and stickers.

These short videos are then able to be shared to followers and the wider community using ‘Explore’, if you have a public account.

Should my food brand be using Instagram Reels?

Similar to the launch of Instagram Stories back in August 2016, Reels has already seen a huge intake of users creating, watching and sharing video content.

By creating engaging videos on Reels, your food brand would not only continue to connect with current followers but also reach new audiences. When uploading a Reel from a ‘public’ account, content will be accessible to anyone in the world.

Instagram Reels allows brands a platform to be creative, entertain and engage with followers. However it does mean you’ll need time to create dedicated content for Reels and as with any social media posting, there should be a strategy behind any content published.

How can I create on-brand content for Reels?

Instagram Reels

As with Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels requires fresh content to be uploaded. You won’t get the maximum impact if you upload images used previously for posts and expect your video to go viral.

Looking at TikTok, there has been a huge amount of viral content created within the past two years and it’s important to consider what has worked well in this format, before translating this to your own brand voice for Reels.

Unlike more spontaneous Instagram Stories, Reels requires more creative input, time and analysis to be executed well. Viral trends change almost as quickly as they started and it can be a tiring process trying to keep up.

Looking for ideas on where to start with creating content for Instagram Reels for your food brand? We’ve pulled together three basic content pillars to include in your strategy:

1. Publish content that’s on-brand and suits your audience

Instagram Reels is designed to be fast, fun and creative using special effects and audio to capture an audience’s attention.

It offers food brands an opportunity to show more of a human side, presenting information in a more digestible format.

From showing behind the scenes video clips of a food photoshoot to short vox pops with customers in your restaurant or teaming up with foodie influencers, there is huge scope for what content you could create.

2. Share relevant, engaging content

Instagram Reels

As mentioned earlier, purely reposting or resharing content created for Instagram posts or Stories is unlikely to work as well on Reels. Content needs to be relevant to the culture and best practice of Reels users who are seeking out short videos.

Think of how you could promote your food service in short engaging bursts. For example you could show the preparation of a portion of chips where clips could include: cutting potatoes, frying, adding salt, serving and a customer’s happy face.

3. Creatively promote your products

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels offers brands a huge opportunity to drive awareness and sales from the platform. As with usual Instagram posts, it’s a good idea to include hashtags and descriptive captions to help boost your reach.

The Knot Churros has already started using Reels to creatively promote their new sweet treats, churros and ice creams with videos receiving an average of 27,000 views.

How could your food brand integrate Instagram Reels into your social media content strategy?

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