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It’s Time to Get Social


Marketing your business is about using a variety of methods that help get your brand out there, and tap into as wide an audience as possible. Ever considered social media? Well, over 2 billion people use social media worldwide, and it’s one method that is easy to access and gives you and your brand the ability to communicate with existing customers and new customers alike. To help, we’ve put together a few handy tips, that will arm you with the tools you need to take on the world of social.

Choose one and do it wellEat-Ad-Blog

It goes without saying that Facebook is the most widely used social media out there, but what about Instagram and Twitter? And if you’re busy running your business, and just want to focus on one social media platform, how do you decide? Always consider your audience before deciding and here are some other top tips on choosing the right platform for you.

Facebook – with nearly 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a phenomenon that if used well can help you to raise your brand profile, interact with customers and improve engagement.

Instagram – a great way to simply market your brand through images and video. Giving users a teaser of what’s on the menu is one sure fire way of getting them queuing at your door.

Twitter – Businesses that successfully use Twitter as a marketing platform can improve customer service, communicate better with customers, increase traffic to website, follow trends and competitors closely and connect with their local community.

Snapchat – the new kid on the block and definitely one aimed at the younger audience, this is one fun platform worth keeping an eye on!

Fail to plan, plan to fail

– Set up your profile and brand it. Really think about your thumbnail image and what you put in it. That’s how the world of social media will identify your business.
– Put together a 6 month plan and work a week ahead of schedule. It sounds like hard work, but it will pay off if you have a plan of what you can talk about ahead of time.
– Seasonal offers, local events or new products can be worked into a plan well in advance. This doesn’t mean you can’t stray from the plan, as you should always try and keep your social posting fresh and relevant. Everyone loves a photo of a funny shaped potato!
– Too busy to post? Get a member of staff on board to help run your social media and make your story feel like a team effort.

Variety is the spice of life

Try to inject a little personality into your posts by, introducing a selection of images, copy, competitions and offers, as well as video content to help you stand out from the crowd.

Go behind the scenes

Customers love to see what goes into making your products. Don’t give it all away, just enough to keep your audience engaged and interested enough to keep following and liking you.

Start a conversationEat-Ad-Blog-2

This can be about topics related to your products, food in general or local issues. Use it as a platform to inform, educate and above all engage. Your customers will love you for telling them about the produce you carefully source for them – so shout about it.

Use hashtags

Keep a check on what’s trending and select the best hashtags to use based on your business. This will give you the opportunity to engage with more potential customers.

How often is enough?

Social media is like a hungry customer, it needs feeding on a regular basis. Many start out strong but then lose momentum and there is nothing worse than a business with a social media profile that isn’t updated. It indicates a feeling of neglect, which is the last impression a food business wants to give. Two to three posts a week is more than enough activity, but remember: portion control is important. Quality over quantity.

Social media advertising

Boosting your posts really doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s far cheaper and more targeted than traditional forms of print advertising. Facebook advertising allows you to set the profile of the audience you want to reach via age, gender, geography and even hobbies. And for as little as a fiver a day, you can reach thousands of people who will be interested in your posts and importantly your business.

Want to get even more creative with your social media and marketing? Get in touch with a member of the Eat Marketing team today, and let’s start feeding your business with brilliant ideas!

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