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Naughty Vegan

Defining a cheeky personality for a new vegan food brand

The brief

To deliver branding for Shire Food’s new venture Naughty Vegan. The branding needed to be bold, full of personality and position Naughty Vegan as a stand alone vegan brand separate to Shire Foods.

What we did

Extending a successful business

We have previously worked with Shire Foods, an established B2B manufacturer of quality pies, pasties and sausage rolls in the Midlands, on their packaging design and branding. However the business wanted to tap into the growing vegan market and developed three new plant-based food products to launch ‘Naughty Vegan’ as a B2C company.

Bringing a plant-based brand alive

Although the team had decided on the name ‘Naughty Vegan,’ they were in need of help developing the branding that would attract customers and help the products stand out on shelves.

We played on developing a cheeky persona to go with the brand name Naughty Vegan and created a logo that symbolises how irresistibly tasty the food is. With little horns and an angel’s halo integrated into the logo, it provides a platform for a range of products to be developed that echo the brand proposition of being naughty in taste, but nice to the planet.

Promoting great taste through standout design

With the new branding, Naughty Vegan stands out amongst competitors. Using a bold yellow set against black, it creates strong brand colours that are instantly recognisable for customers. We’ve used the new branding to develop trade advertising and exhibition stand designs for the company, along with creating social media assets for the team to use.

Naughty Vegan also requested Eat Marketing’s help in photographing their food products (including their Naughty Rolls, No Beef & Veg Pasties and Cheez & Onion pasties) to make them look as delicious as possible.

Packaging design with a difference

We supported Naughty Vegan with packaging and label design for the new food products. Using the bold brand colours and new logo, we delivered eye-catching designs to tempt customers into choosing Naughty Vegan over other competitors.

“Eat Marketing have brought the Naughty Vegan brand to life. From the get go, the team have offered plenty of advice, inspiration and creative designs to help us launch our new vegan brand. We look forward to continuing to work with this agency.” 

– Naughty Vegan


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