Naughty Vegan

Defining a cheeky personality for a new vegan food brand

The brief

To create a brand identity Shire Food’s new venture Naughty Vegan. The branding needed to be bold, full of personality and position Naughty Vegan as a stand alone vegan brand separate to Shire Foods.

What we did

Extending a successful business

We have previously worked with Shire Foods, an established B2B manufacturer of quality pies, pasties and sausage rolls in the Midlands, on their packaging design and branding. However the business wanted to tap into the growing vegan market and developed three new plant-based food products to launch ‘Naughty Vegan’ as a B2C company.

Established in 2019, the cheeky new brand is all about offering devilishly delicious, indulgent food for everyone. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or meat eater, their new range of vegan sausage rolls and pasties offers meat-free treats to enjoy at home with no compromise on flavour.

Recognising innovation

Naughty Vegan have since been acknowledged in The Grocer New Product Awards which honours the greatest innovation and creativity in the food and drink industry. Naughty Vegan were a finalist this 2021 for the below categories.

Vegan/Plant Based Chocolate, Snacks & Puddings

Vegan/Plant Based Party Food

Naughty Vegan

Bringing a plant-based business alive

Although the team had decided on the name ‘Naughty Vegan,’ they needed our expertise in developing an identity that would attract customers and help the products stand out on shelves.

The branding for Naughty Vegan ties together the ‘naughty vs nice’ concept, using graphic elements and illustrations to form angelic halos and devilish horns in the logo design.

Following our photoshoot for Naughty Vegan, we captured their core product range in its best light – including their Pig Out Sausages Rolls, No Beef Pasties and Cheezy Pasties – ensuring the food looked truly irresistible when used across the website, packaging and social assets.

Naughty Vegan

Promoting great taste through standout design

With the new branding, Naughty Vegan is positioned differently to other alternatives currently on the market. The product packaging uses a bold yellow set against black and illustrations to bring the packaging to life.

The new branding has influenced trade advertising and exhibition stand designs for the company, along with creating social media assets for the team to use.

The social assets bring together irresistible product photography, bespoke illustrations, clever copy lines and character animation to create social imagery that will stop a user mid-scroll.

The success of their pastry products inspired Naughty Vegan to bake up some other much loved British faves with a meat-free twist, from their No Steak and No Chick Bakes to their Chip Shop Curry Pie.

They have also branched out into the desserts market creating irresistibly indulgent vegan Cheezcakes, with fruity and chocolatey options to choose from. As well as delivering packaging designs for the new products, the Eat Marketing team got the (meat-free) creative juices flowing to develop the Cheezcake names: ‘Cheeky Chocolate’ and ‘Caramel Crunch’.

Irresistible website design

Naughty Vegan’s new website makes for a unique experience, with vegan pasties adorned with angel wings and halos animated to float alongside sausage rolls kitted with devil horns. But then again, Naughty Vegan is no ordinary plant-based company.

The new website features their merchandise shop, supported by photography and integration of Their die hard fans can access the easy to navigate online store, to purchase branded merch and become the ultimate fashion icon.

The design tells the story of how and why Naughty Vegan was created, along with further information about their ever expanding, indulgent range of vegan food.

A store locator is also included in the new website, allowing visitors to easily find their nearest supplier of Naughty Vegan products.

Naughty Vegan

“Eat Marketing has brought the Naughty Vegan brand to life. From the get go, the team has offered plenty of advice, inspiration and creative designs to help us launch our new vegan brand. We look forward to continuing to work with this agency.”

Naughty Vegan


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