Our creative round-up for April 2022

April saw a lot of big food brands showcase creatively updating their marketing campaigns. With Just Egg challenging US Congress regarding climate change and Malteasers creating a calming haven for those to mediate with chocolate it’s been a fun filled month for the food industry.

Come with us as we take a look at our favourite industry updates and campaigns in the month of April.

Just Egg makes a stand

The vegan egg brand, Just Egg made a political and eco statement with their recent guerilla marketing strategy in the US capital, Washington DC.

Their message “This egg sandwich is more effective against climate change than Congress” was a bold statement that showcased the brand as solid activists for climate change.

The campaign cleverlygot its Earth Day message across to Congress who had failed to take action in regards to global warming going against what scientists had advised. Their plant-made vegan eggs are essentially doing more to fight climate change than the politicians.

The campaign included a website link ‘EggingCongress.com’ and the posters featured QR codes directing people to write to their representatives and demand change. The marketing campaign was strong, bold and relevant.

Tesco support Ramadan

April was the month of Ramadan and supermarket giant Tesco showed their support for the religious festival through the use of billboards.

Its digital billboard features hands holding empty plates, as the sun begins to set this image comes to life and food slowly begins to fill the table. During Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast, and it is in the evening that they gather to eat.

The slogan that they paired with the digital image was: ‘Together this Ramadan’ which includes an extra line explaining the campaign ‘In honour of everyone fasting, these plates only fill up as the sun goes down.’

Tesco did a great job at showing their support for a important time for the Muslim community.

Meditations with Malteasers

Malteasers kept it festive in April, relating their campaign to the hustle and bustle that is often met during Easter time. All the cooking, and rushing around after children who are fuelled by chocolate and off from school can make Easter a very stressful and busy time for many.

Their new campaign set out to trigger pleasurable receptors, as viewers were treated to a ASMR style video focusing on baking, sound and chocolate. Enticing viewers into wanting to partake in some meditation with Malteasers where they will learn how to bake, guided by the silken voice of broadcaster Angela Rippon.

This tapped into all things chocolate, rich and calming. The perfect recipe for an often hectic Easter.

Weetabix and The Three Little Pigs

Weetabix took us down memory lane this month, as the cereal brand took on the classic story of  The Three Little Pigs, but with a twist.

Adding to the nostalgia was that old stop motion in production was used to create the visuals for the advert. It saw the Big Bad Wolf blow the Little Pigs straw houses down, as they scarpered into a comfy and believed to be safe brick house.

The wolf then puts down his bag which contains a box of Weetabix and is able to blow the brick house down with ease, as he’s had his Weetabix that day, meaning he is super strong and can tackle anything.

The ad ends with the famous cereal tagline ‘Have you had your Weetabix?’

We know the wolf had, but have you?

Our round-ups are monthly so don’t forget to visit our website next month where we’ll have the lowdown on our favourite creative food pieces in May.

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