Our creative round-up for February 2022

February was a month of love – for the Super Bowl. Officially kicking off this month, brands across the country have tied in new and delicious marketing campaigns with this highly anticipated event. 

Join us as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite industry updates, campaigns, and projects from February in our latest creative round-up…

Pringle’s tackle a ‘what-if’ scenario for the Super Bowl

Pringles are the perfect food to enjoy over the Super Bowl, and to celebrate the games, Pringles acknowledged the greatest design flaw of getting your hand stuck in a tube, using the slogan ‘Get Stuck In’.

Proven to be quite a popular problem, Pringles took this relatable issue and turned it into a comedic and creative narrative. The advert follows a young man who gets his hand stuck in the tube for life and we’re taken through all his great milestones from getting married and having children, right up until he’s shown in a coffin.

Ending at the wake, another Pringles consumer proceeds to get their hand stuck, highlighting the continuous ‘what-if’ scenario.

When the desire is so strong to reach for that last crisp in the tube, the idea of getting your arm stuck seems to be a justifiable sacrifice – but would you give your right arm for life to enjoy Pringles?

Cadbury’s provide the perfect Valentine’s alibi for singles

For those that are in loving relationships, Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough, but for the singles, it’s a day they’d rather forget. 

Cadbury’s 5 star chocolate bar brand from India has come to the rescue by launching their very own ‘Valentine’s Day Alibi’.  A place called ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’ where singles can escape from the red roses and romance and be transported to a remote island where Valentine’s is prohibited.

This innovative campaign saves singles from answering the dreaded question, ‘What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?’ By encouraging them to respond with ‘I’m at my cousin’s wedding.’

This campaign brilliantly shines a light on the struggles of Valentie’s Day and encourages consumers to buy into the 5 star chocolate bar competition to win a holiday.

We’re not sure how they came up with this one but it’s definitely up there with the best Valentine’s campaigns in our opinion!

Hellmann’s ‘tackle’ food waste with Super Bowl player, Jerod Mayo

Jerod Mayo is a man of many talents, but one we didn’t expect to see was his passion for (physically) tackling food waste.

Hellmann’s released a comedic ad in a bid to spark a conversation on food waste. Featuring Jerod Mayo, the advert sees the footballer darting into people’s homes to prevent them from wasting leftovers by tackling them to the ground.

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