Our creative round-up for January 2021

January is the month of vegan diets, going sober and for many food businesses – launching a new campaign. Join us as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite industry updates, campaigns, projects and rebrands from January in our latest creative round-up…

Quorn says there is “more to life than meat”

Quorn campaign

One brand hoping to change consumer food habits in January, is Quorn. The meat-alternative brand launched a campaign in January with the strapline: “Helping the Planet One Bite at a Time”, encouraging consumers to lower their carbon footprint by reducing their meat intake.

The brand aims to communicate that every plate makes a difference, and how together, a little change can make a huge difference. With more people becoming conscious about sustainability, Quorn’s approach is likely to resonate with people who are wondering what steps they can take to reduce their impact on the planet.

Cheating on meat with Knorr

Knorr cheat on meat

Also on a mission to reduce people’s meat intake, Knorr’s January campaign featured the popular cooking duo, The Hairy Bikers and encouraged people to #CheatonMeat.

Within the ad, the chefs showed us how to create meals with the help of Knorr Veggie Stocks, aiming to show that meat-free meals cooked with Knorr stocks can taste as good, if not better, than meals made with meat. Recipes using the brand’s veggie stocks have also been added online to make the switch as easy as possible.

Considering that the Hairy Bikers are known for their love of cooking with all kinds of meat, their appearance in the campaign is an effective move.

Oatly sparks a conversation

Oatly ad

In January, Swedish Oat milk brand Oatly released its new campaign ‘Help Dad’, featuring a series of short films depicting middle-aged fathers enjoying cow’s milk and their teenage children disapproving of them.

As part of the campaign, Oatly launched a website alongside the new advert designed to help the young persuade their parents to give up dairy and switch to oat milk and is filled with recipes, tips, arguments and other resources.

The campaign has made headlines, with some accusing the brand of mocking alcoholism. Oatly has said that they wanted to encourage people to talk about an urgent global topic – the health of our planet. While the advert has caused controversy, it certainly makes you think and achieves the goal of starting a conversation.

Go Ahead pokes fun at extreme health fads

Go Ahead

Playing on the overwhelming amount of campaigns promoting healthy living at the beginning of the year, Go Ahead released a campaign which poked fun at the extremity of the health fads people take on in January.

By depicting the lengths people go to in order to be “healthy”, the low-calorie snack brand hopes to encourage people to go easy on themselves at a time when we could all benefit from doing so, and especially when barraged by “new year, new you” messaging.

It’s definitely refreshing to hear a different message amongst all of adverts promoting squeaky clean diets at this time of year.

A rebrand fit for a king

Burger king rebrand

Rebranding for the first time in 20 years, Burger King unveiled a new logo and typeface at the beginning of the year.

Taking inspiration from previous designs, the new appearance closely resembles the logo used by the brand in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The shapes of the letters have supposedly been inspired by the chain’s food, which the restaurant labels as “rounded, bold, yummy”.

Burger King has started rolling out its rebrand immediately and is aiming to overhaul all of its restaurants over the next few years.

Make sure you pay us a visit next month to catch up together on the latest creative work in the industry throughout February.


Image sources: 1) Oatly – Youtube  2) Quorn.co.uk  3) Knorr.com 4) Milking It -Youtube 5) jkrglobal.com
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