Our creative round-up for July 2021

The highly anticipated 2020 Olympics kicked off in July, and many brands used the month to incorporate the world’s largest sporting event into their creative marketing campaigns.

Join us as we take a closer look at a few of our favourite industry updates, campaigns, projects and rebrands from July in our latest creative round-up…

BirdsEye is powering Team GB with its plant-based range

Birds Eye proud to power campaign

BirdsEye is the latest brand to take the vegan plunge with its new ‘Green Cuisine’ range that is now the official plant-based sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics.

After already launching frozen plant-based meats earlier this year, the popular food company unveiled its new products in the range through a series of short TV ads featuring Olympic athletes, three of which are ambassadors. Sprinting Olympian, Laviai Nielsen, artistic gymnast Max Whitlock, and heavyweight boxer Cheavon Clarke.

The advert sees each athlete training in their sport, pushing themselves to extraordinary limits, powered by BirdsEye. The campaign has spread across TV, social media, in-store, on-pack promotions and out of home, all featuring prominent Team GB athletes.

BirdsEye shoppers will be able to win prizes such as lunch with a Team GB athlete, signed Team GB apparel, workout class vouchers, and product vouchers as part of the in-store and on-pack campaigns.

As a trusted family brand, BirdsEye has set itself up for success in this campaign. Their healthy, nutritional and protein based products provide the building blocks for strong muscles and bones, all essential for an active lifestyle. Well done BirdsEye.

Heineken’s Greener bar paves the way for sustainable events

Heineken sustainable campain

Popular beer company, Heineken developed a sustainable bar concept for the London ePrix that took place at the end of July. The Greener bar was designed to reduce water, waste, energy and emissions in a bid to promote sustainability for all events across the industry.

In the hope this will become the standard for all future events, Heineken has paid close attention to detail when considering transport, the materials used and the powering of the bar.

From 100% recyclable seating and naturally fallen elm trees to produce standing tables, to running on renewable energy and waterless sinks, mean this bar concept is fully environmental proof.

The sustainability doesn’t stop there however, as small details including coasters, waiter trays and bottle openers are all made from barley. Not forgetting the bar staff’s uniforms, all of which are made up from previously recycled Heineken uniforms.

From top to bottom, Heineken’s Greener bar is taking a positive step in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable change in the hospitality industry.

Costa Coffee launch Olympic campaign ‘in pursuit of perfection’

Costa Coffee campaign

Costa Coffee has launched its biggest campaign to date with the return of the Tokyo Olympics.

The creative campaign showcases a series of five Olympians training in isolation often in the middle of the night or before sunrise. The ad intercepts these montages with close up shots of the coffee-making process in a cinematic masterpiece.

Using the slogan ‘in pursuit of perfection since 1971’, Costa alludes to the idea that they strive for coffee perfection, much like the athletes do for the Olympics. The creative dramatises the unseen preparation that goes into achieving relentless standards and drive for perfection.

By honouring the insane commitment of the athletes whilst simultaneously paying homage to those who dedicate their lives to perfection, we think Costa has done this campaign justice.


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