Our creative round-up for May 2022

In May we saw some big brands step into their new era. With Just Eat changing their celebrity mascot, Burger King comically promoting their new plant-based food and a wholesome family rebrand from Border Biscuits.

Join us as we take a closer look at some of our favourite marketing campaigns and rebrands throughout the month of May in our latest creative round up.

Burger King confuses us all

Burger King pushed their growing plant-based menu this month, focusing on their new vegan chicken nuggets.

To mark the launch of their new nuggets they created an ad called ‘Even More Confusing Times’. The ad is filled with confusing questions and scenarios that viewers deal with daily. From one woman’s son having the same name as her friend’s dog, making her question whether she gave her son a dog name or whether the dog has a human name to one man buying an eco-friendly washing machine on Black Friday and questioning whether he’s done something good for the environment or something really bad.

The ad emphasises the evolving world we live in, one full of contradictions and confusing situations. Burger King finish the ad with a final confusing scenario that focuses on their plant-based nuggets saying: “chicken nuggets that got no chicken, but taste like chicken”

The marketing of their new vegan product in this way was different to anything we’ve seen before, comical and clever.

Just Eat with Katy Perry

Just Eat has replaced Snoop Dog for a new mascot this month, in the form of global pop star Katy Perry.

She performs her own new rendition of the catchy ‘Did Somebody Say’ jingle. The ad is fast paced, fun and colourful, with Perry being at the centre of the food madness. From wanting a curry in a hurry to eating a sub in the tub after a night out. The ad showcases the range of food Just Eat offers and how you can get the food you want, when you want quickly and easily.
Susan O’Brien, vice-president of global brand at Just Eat Takeaway.com said: “Katy Perry brings unparalleled star power and her playful nature matches ours to a tee. It’s the perfect partnership to continue building the instinctive connection between Just Eat and the joy of food delivery.”

Border Biscuits family rebrand

The long-standing biscuit brand Border Biscuits has swapped its traditional, muted branding for some bright, bold colours and typeface.
B&B studio took on the biscuit rebrand, their biggest marketing move in their 38 year long history. The rebrand’s main message is about the brand’s family heritage and values. Their new strapline simply and concisely captures this: “ Crafted with care” with a follow up underneath mentioning how the delicious treats are “family baked”.
Their new packaging is also much more sustainable as the amount of packaging has been reduced considerably during the rebranding process.
The rebrand comes at a perfect time for the biscuit connoisseurs, as they have launched a new chocolate-covered range. Their older design was just that, old and outdated. The new rebrand is innovative, fresh and new, exactly what they need to remain relevant in an increasingly growing industry.

Butterkist meets Agatha Christie

Butterkist was a little bit cheeky this month and got themselves involved in a trial that has gripped the nation recently.
The Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney drama has gotten legal, with the trial starting at the start of this month and still ongoing.
Butterkist put a comical spin on the footballer’s wives drama, spoofing court sketches of the entire jury and the barrister munching on popcorn whilst Rebekah Vardy gives her evidence. Paired with the hashtag #WagathaChristie. The confectionary brand made a good point, you can’t have drama without enjoying some popcorn.

We share our creative round-up every month, so make sure you come back next month to see what caught our attention within the food industry during June.

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