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Our Perfect Father’s Day Dinners

If you could take your dad out for dinner anywhere in the world, where would you go?

That was the question we asked our Eat Marketing team, and as you’ll soon find out, they have some seriously lucky dads! From journeying to Cyprus for delicious seafood to driving down to the British coast for an old favourite, here our team give their recommendations on the best places to treat your dad to a perfect Father’s Day dinner.


Being a Cypriot immigrant, my dad’s dream dinner location would be to fly back to Cyprus and visit his friend’s souvlaki place in Aradippou. Periklis is renowned in the village for his pork souvlaki (pork cubes slowly barbecued on skewers) and served with freshly sliced cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and onion in a toasted pitta bread. Rounded off with a wedge of lemon, pickled kapari and accompanying dips like taramosalata, tahini and tzatziki.  All washed down with an ice cold bottle of Keo beer. Food heaven.


My dad loves the seaside so it would be a trip down to Cromer (a family favourite) to get some fish and chips from the No1 Cromer (yummy chips and awesome curry sauce). We would then walk down to the pier and enjoy the sunshine and sea, whilst eating our fish and chips.


I kind of cheated and asked my dad where he’d love to go for dinner, and he said either the North Pole or Mount Everest.

A. treating my dad is going to be pricey, and B. both of his meals will have to be pretty warm considering the climates! So the perfect Father’s Day dinner would have to be a flask of hot soup in the North Pole, or a packed lunch with a mug of tea on Mount Everest.  


My Dad loves his car, and would hate the thought of me making a fuss. So much so, I think he would be happy with fish, chips and gravy (from The Magpie in Whitby) and a flask of Yorkshire tea, sat in his car looking over Whitby bay!


My dad is a huge lover of all things Motorsport (this includes building his own track car that he races). So the venue for his perfect Father’s Day dinner would have to be a track side rooftop restaurant in Monaco, where we could watch the F1.


My dad is a simple kind of guy and would be happy with whatever you put in front of him. That said, he has always been a lover of KFC, but it would have to be a bucket.


My dad LOVES steak and whisky, so his ideal Father’s Day would probably be a whisky tour up in Scotland, finished off by a Miller and Carter or somewhere that does great steak!


My dad is a bargain hunter, so his ideal place to go on Father’s Day would be a local car boot, followed by a visit to a local country pub for a couple of beers and steak 


My Dad is a man of simple pleasures, so we’d go for a walk with the dog back home in the hills, and then head over to his favourite pub where he’d dig into steak pie and chips with red wine.

Have these ideas got you inspired on how you’ll be treating your dad this Father’s Day? Or maybe it has you inspired for an adventure of your own? Wherever you decide to go and eat next, make sure you share your photos on social media with @Eat_Marketing.

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