Our Top 10 Ice-Cream Brands to Enjoy This Summer!

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With summer nearly here, there’s no better way to cool down than by enjoying a refreshing ice cream or lolly! Here at Eat Marketing, we’ve been having lots of fun road testing our favourite ice-cream brands – all in the name of research of course! We’ve also added a fun guide to each ice-cream brand and who we think they would suit…but the big question is, do you like our selection?

Eat Marketing’s Top 10 Favourite Ice-Cream Brands

1. Calippo
This refreshing stick of ice is available in popular flavours such as orange, strawberry and tropical and is a particularly good choice for the health conscious as it contains 30% fruit juice and is 99% fat free.

2. Mini Milk
A creamy, milky popsicle loved by both kids and adults! For the grown ups, it’s a blast from the past, a reminder of the days when we used to run free through sticky hot summers. For the little ones it’s the perfect treat on sunny days.

3. Mars Ice Cream
Cadbury’s popular chocolate bar made into ice cream. Packed with milk chocolate, cool caramel and nuts, this is the ideal choice for any guy or girl who likes big flavours.

4. Ben and Jerry’s
Ben and Jerry’s comes in a variety of crazy flavours with creative names such as Birthday Cake, Blondie Brownie and Dough-ble Whammy.  The tubs are particularly perfect for a night in with the girls, or for curling up solo with a romantic film!

5. Magnum
Cool, dark and sophisticated, Magnum is just right for those who prefer the more glamorous side of life and who want to take the cool choice when it comes to ice cream!

6. Twister
A cool, crazy flavoured helter-skelter of fun ice cream that kids just love! Pineapple ice cream and lemon-lime flavoured fruit spiral on the outside with a strawberry centre is hidden inside. Ideal for kids and big kids too (Dads we’re looking at you!)

7. Fab
An old favourite with three distinct layers. Who doesn’t love the sprinkles stuck to the chocolate coating that layers the creamy vanilla ice lolly and the surprise icy strawberry centre.

8. Feast
Chocolate lovers everywhere love a Feast, particularly those who like to bite through the crisp outer layer to get to the chocolaty ice cream and finally, to the ice cold chocolate inner.

9. Fruit Pastille
Another great choice for anyone watching their waistlines, Fruit Pastille lollies have less calories than a glass of fruit juice and are stacked with lots of flavour. The refreshing variety is perfect to cool you down on a hot summer’s day.

10. Solero
With its blend of refreshing sorbet and smooth, creamy ice cream, Solero seems to be a particularly good choice for the grown ups. Available in either the brand’s classic two flavours, Exotic and Berry Berry or new Organic Lemon and Organic Peach, Solero also contains real fruit pieces in the sorbet for an extra bit of zing.

Did you enjoy reading about our selection of ice cream brands? We’re sure your mouth is watering by now! If you would like some advice on how to market your own brand of food products please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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