Top tips for promoting your food awards

Top tips for promoting your food awards

With The National Fish & Chip Awards just around the corner, we thought we’d recap a few of our top tips in how to maximise your promotional potential for an awards ceremony.

Food awards give a great first impression to customers. They represent that your business can be trusted to offer great tasting food and service, and that what you have to offer has been highly rated by experts in the food industry.

Discover how we recommend spreading the word about your food award and see what a difference this can make to your business.

Your website

The first and obvious choice to talk about your food award is on your business website. Not only is your website your online shop window, it’s where people will look when they want to know more about you. We recommend displaying your National Fish & Chips Award logo or other accolade with pride on your homepage.

Social media

Social media gives your food business a fantastic opportunity to build awareness of your award category shortlisting. In the run up to a ceremony, it’s a good idea to start posting about the event – especially if your customers are able to vote for you to win.

Include eye-catching photos, optimised copy and plenty of hashtags. Also, make sure you include a link that allows your following to vote for you or provides further information about what the award means.

Even if you don’t win, don’t forget to update your audience – they’ll be wanting to hear from you either way.

Social media also offers a way to keep your followers updated and create promotional content in real-time. Consider how you could use Facebook and Instagram stories or live streaming to give up-to-date coverage of your award win.


Does your website have a blog? Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with your customers and bring new food products, ideas or awards to their attention. We recommend publishing a blog optimised to a relevant focus keyword in the run up to an awards ceremony as part of your marketing campaign. Again, if customers can vote for your business to win, make sure you include the link in your blog.

If you take home The National Fish & Chips Award or other food award, let your customers know with a blog on what the win means for you and your team!

Press Releases

To let others know about your win or awards shortlisting, write some catchy press releases and contact your local media to promote your food business’ success. Consider a specific angle to add to your story to get your awards noticed by readers.
It’s also worth seeing if there are any PR opportunities available through the awarding body too.


Wear your award label with pride by updating your food packaging, or design a sticker to show off your success. This not only informs your direct customers, but will also promote your award-winning food brand to a wider audience who may see your packaging.

Your stationery

Another simple way of shouting about your award, is adding the award logo to your email signature, your business invoices and also your newsletters.
This will help make you stand out to customers and position your brand above other potential competitors. If your food award is recognised and promoted in a variety of places, customers are more likely to associate your business with high quality and recommend you to others.

Need a hand in promoting your recent accolade? Or are you interested in creating some stand out content before The National Fish and Chips Awards this year? Discover how Eat Marketing could support you on your awards journey by getting in touch with us today.

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