Sea and Spud

Easter social competition campaign

sea and spud case study

The brief

Sea and Spud wanted to run an Easter social competition offering the chance for customers to win a Hotel Chocolat gift box. The aim of the competition campaign was to raise the brand’s presence on social media and gain more likes on the Facebook page.

What we did

Sea and Spud social case study

The result
The idea was to design an interactive social campaign. Through our creative ideas, we encouraged customers to engage with the competition post by commenting with their guess of how many bunnies were hiding in the animated video. The post received over 10,000 views, 375 comments, 16 shares, 60 likes and reached 2,990 users.

Sea and Spud point of sale

“I am very happy with the social campaign Eat Marketing created for Sea and Spud to promote our Easter competition and encourage more likes on our Facebook page. We were very surprised with the popularity of the campaign and the amount of engagement it received.”


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