Social Media Marketing: Your Top Dish for Customer Loyalty


Social media has created one of the biggest shifts in how we discover, read and share information. For brands, social media marketing creates wonderful opportunities to connect with existing and new customers, and regular social media interaction can make a big difference to sales and popularity.

Big brands know this and they invest a lot of time and effort into their social media feeds to ensure users take an active interest in what they post and interact when prompted. And those followers are savvy, too; they want compelling posts. Get their attention and you’ll notice the difference.


Take a look at Five Guys. This fast food chain opened its first restaurant in 1986 in Virginia, USA, but until a few years ago, it was a relatively unknown chain in the UK. Now, thanks to rapid international expansion – and their social media marketing in particular – more and more people are getting to know who they are. They love interacting with their customers on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, posting regular competitions, links to articles and blogs about their brand, latest news, funny memes, reposts/retweets and photos of customers with requested hashtags. For example, every Friday, they select one loyal fan and display their submitted photo (which they need to take at a Five Guys restaurant) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Customers love this, and the results are fun.


Or how about Krispy Kreme? They hold the accolade of being the most popular food brand on social media for audiences aged 18-24. Their popularity is due not only to their amazingly moreish donuts, but because their posts are relevant and true to the brand. They provide entertainment, engage in real-time conversations and promote daily offers.


Cadburys, one of the top 20 food brands in social media has a similar approach and they post regularly to maintain customer engagement. Social media marketing was the perfect outlet for their recent search for a new Milk Tray man – with various teaser posts and videos that resulted in the great unveiling on every social media platform they have from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram.


Supermarkets are social media marketing fans too. With so much competition, the big names in food shopping need to ensure their brand is out there and in people’s minds. For example, Sainsbury’s regularly post recipes, campaigns, ideas, news and competitions on their social media pages and customers respond. Views to their pages run into the thousands and people like to share what they see. Tone of voice is kept light and copy is to the point and easy to understand. Any images used are colourful, on-brand and captive too, which is perfect for social media where users scroll through feeds and you only have seconds to grab their attention.

These brands prove that social media marketing works when it is done right and they’re careful to create the right balance between putting up posts with a sales or advertising slant and fun, interesting posts with no obvious selling motive. Users want more from their social media likes than brands who just want to sell to them, so, socialise with them and give them more and they’ll keep you in their ‘likes’ list!

But social media marketing isn’t just about keeping customers loyal, it’s also a great way to see what people think, what motivates them and keeping an eye on consumer trends and interests. As a food brand, creating and maintaining a strong social media marketing strategy is crucial if you want to stay ahead and in the public eye. But, of course, it needs to read well, look good and be engaging, which is why the brands who do social media best get professional advice and help from marketers.

Building a social media audience isn’t easy, and once you grow that audience, keeping them around can be a challenge, but with the right help, you can.

Here at Eat Marketing, social media marketing is an important element to clients’ overall food marketing plans and we know how to:

1. Write engaging posts with eye-grabbing images
2. When to post and why timing is important
3. Use different formats but keep on-brand and on-tone
4. Interact and respond to customers
5. Offer new media strategies to keep users interested
6. Audit social media campaigns to address what does and doesn’t work

For more information on how social media marketing can help your business and the strategies we adopt, talk to us today and let’s get those social media posts rolling.

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