Spotlight: Sea and Spud


Earlier this year, we got to work supporting the team behind Sea and Spud; a business that is offering an original take on fish and chips. From the moment we heard the name Sea and Spud we were immediately drawn in by this fresh approach to a British classic, and couldn’t wait to start brainstorming design ideas. Well here we are, a good few months later, with a sparkly new brand, a fantastic website in progress and a very happy customer. Here’s how we got on…


Who are Sea and Spud?

Based in Petersfield, Hampshire, Sea and Spud is a fish and chip shop run by globe-trotting chef, Tim. Providing the locals of Petersfield with a new take on this British favourite, Sea and Spud runs by the strapline: feel good fish and chips.

The brand

To begin, we batted around some ideas for the Sea and Spud branding. We knew that they wanted to achieve a simple yet effective look, using just two or three colours. In the end, Sea and Spud decided on a pale blue paired with black and white, which resulted in an impactful brand identity that’s bound to make them stand out.



Once Sea and Spud branding was signed off, we were able to move forward and design the exterior and interior shop signage. We began by creating branded vinyls for the shop’s windows and front door, as well as a range of menu panels for the shop’s interior. Featuring Sea and Spud’s iconic fish icon, these panels ensured that the entire shop was on brand from the word go.

Keeping it local

To help spread the word of Sea and Spud, we also helped to create a collection of advertising, which focused on introducing the new brand to the town. This was likely to be many people’s first contact with the brand, so it was important for it stand out in a positive way.

We also supplied Sea and Spud with the marketing materials they required to implement their lunchtime offer.

Time to get social


Once word was out, and the shop was looking on brand, Sea and Spud were able to start sharing their latest updates and information via social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To ensure this kept in theme with Sea and Spud, we also helped to brand their social media profiles, and will and continue to provide social content support for adhoc requests.

It’s still early days for Sea and Spud, but we’re so proud of the journey they’ve made over the last few months. We’re currently in the process of helping them build an eye-catching website, so we really can’t wait to see what’s in store for this innovative brand.

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