Evolving a foodie start-up into a fully fledged business to capture multiple audiences

The brief

During the pandemic, StirrUps began delivering restaurant-quality burgers and cocktails to the local community. Due to popular demand, the brand evolved into an established business, branching out into a new restaurant and catering services for events and local festivals. They required help ensuring the brand was up to the task and that it encompassed their latest business developments.

What we did

What needed to change

As a result of StirrUps starting up while restaurants remained closed, the business quickly grew in popularity on social media, and orders began to pour in. StirrUps recognised the need to improve their branding to ensure it reflected all aspects of their business, including the opening of their new dine-in restaurant. Their logo was created quickly when the business was set up and placed a greater focus on the cocktails than the burgers, whereas they wanted the flexibility to sell depending on the venue or location.

StirrUps had the goal of making the business a popular and unique venue for couples, friends, and families to enjoy wonderful food in a great location.

stirrups website
stirrups social

Our approach

We spent time getting under the skin of the StirrUps brand, who they are, what they do, and what their unique selling points were. From there, we developed the current logo to ensure that both burgers and cocktails received equal visibility.

We made the font and restaurant branding feel more delicate and inviting, and we gave the logo flexibility to show either just a cocktail glass, just a burger, or both depending on the marketing material and business type. For example, at events, they may only sell cocktails.

This provided them with the freedom they required to drive their business forward, aligning with their strategy and long-term planning.

The colours are a blend of gunmetal grey and coral. The grey serves to add a premium feel, while the coral allows the brand to pop with impact. This balance of colour creates flexibility depending on the area of focus.

stirrups logos
stirrups menus
stirrups livery
stirrups branding

The result

StirrUps now has flexible restaurant branding with which they can propel their business forward in every aspect of their product or service. With a unique brand and style that raises them above local and national competitors, their reputation in Evesham and the surrounding areas continues to grow.

stirrups restaurant
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