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Team Eat Marketing’s Top Summer Drinks


Summer is officially here, and there’s only one way we’re celebrating – with our favourite summertime drinks. To help get you inspired for the warmer months ahead, we’ve listed our tipples of choice, explaining why you should try them yourself. From Lewis’ classic Ribena to Sophie’s exotic Cosmopolitan cocktail (who knew?), we hope these have you sipping pretty this summer. 

Maria: Gin and roses

Why? It’s my perfect holiday drink. I’ll be dreaming about it all day!

Sophie: Cosmopolitan

Why? It’s sweet and yummy!

Alison: Desperado with a slice of lime

Why? Whenever I have one, wherever I am, I feel like I’m on holiday!

Lewis: Ribena

Why? It’s simply a classic!

Emily: Frozen Margarita

Why?: It’s frozen, refreshing and not too sweet- perfect!

Joe: Guinness

Why? No matter the weather, it has to be Guinness! Extra cold, of course. It’s like the dessert before the dessert.

Tom: Strawberry Daiquiri

Why? It’s a little girly, but I love strawberries and this drink!

Fred: Rhubarb gin with Mediterranean tonic

Why? With a slice of lime and ice, it’s the bomb!

Theo: No.3 London Dry Gin with Fever Tree tonic water, a 1mm long slice of cucumber, 8 ice cubes, not stirred, and not in a gin glass.

Why?: Why not?

Anyone else feeling thirsty? We hope our drinks of choice have you feeling inspired for your next summer party. And if you have a drink worth shouting about, be sure to let one of the team know!


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