The Bay Fish and Chips

How The Bay Fish and Chips became an internationally recognised brand

The Bay

The brief

The Bay Fish and Chips are a multi-award-winning fish and chip business located in Stonehaven, Scotland. Chef and Director, Calum Richardson was looking to branch out across international waters to meet the increasing demand for British fish and chips outside of the UK.

What we did

The Bay

Our approach

Inspired by the sea and the origins of The Bay’s produce, Eat Marketing developed the original branding with fun illustrations to represent the nature of Calum and The Bay brand. With Calum already being a well-established influencer within the fish and chip industry, it was imperative to get him featured across The Bay’s social channels as well as his own Instagram account.

The Bay Fish and Chips also wanted to ensure they were regularly posting on social and Calum also wanted support posting on his personal social channels. We devised a detailed social strategy and content plan for both, aligning brand values with relevant upcoming dates to ensure consistent, engaging social posts.

The Bay
The Bay

To humanise the website and increase engagement further, we developed a press and news page including important topics in the industry. We also featured those that resonate with The Bay such as fairtrade and sustainable practices.

What’s more, we dedicated a blog to Calum and his work both inside and outside of The Bay. Featuring his business journey, awards profile and QA style content, this enables customers to get to know him better.

However, we didn’t stop there. Eat Marketing created a bi-monthly newsletter for The Bay customers when they opt to sign up. Featuring updates, the latest news and fun content, the newsletter gives customers a special insight into The Bay Fish and Chips.

The Bay
The Bay
The Bay
The Bay

Proud of their commitment to sustainability, and their awareness of environmental issues and trends, The Bay wanted to create a set of bespoke reusable coffee cups and drinking bottles that reflected who they were as a business. Eat Marketing were in the perfect position to source bespoke cups and bottles that would work with The Bay’s branding and create a unique, standout design.

The Bay
The Bay

The result

Using our extensive marketing techniques, we effectively helped The Bay to grow on a global scale.

The Bay’s new website showcases all that the business had to offer, and with the user-friendly, responsive website pulling together all aspects of The Bay brand, it’s effectively raised their profile. Introducing Calum’s blog content to the website has received a positive response from The Bay customers, and with Calum’s high profile, this has effectively leveraged the blogs further.

Not only did The Bay see an increase in engagement from utlising Calum’s status across the social channels, but the light-hearted and personable content leveraged The Bay’s social presence while simultaneously promoting its fish and chips to become internationally-recognised.

“I have been working with Eat Marketing for more than 8 years now and they have helped develop and move The Bay brand forward into many sectors. Their advice and vision is second to none and give me both confidence and peace of mind.

“From developing and modernising The Bay brand to web design, staff training portals, merchandise design and social media posting, Eat Marketing have provided support for all areas of The Bay. TeamBay and TeamEat prove how teamwork works best.”


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