Top design trends for food marketing in 2021

2020 saw just how critical ecommerce is to our everyday lives. That hasn’t changed so far in 2021. With less emphasis placed on the in-store experience, design and branding have never been so important when drawing people in and attracting customers. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, we’re looking forward to what food design trends this the rest of 2021 and beyond will bring.

Here are our top design trends for food in 2021:

Trend 1: Sustainability and nature

Organic, natural, earthy tones have all been growing in popularity and this has only been increased by people’s thirst for being outdoors as a result of the pandemic.

We kept this in mind when designing packaging for Nookie, a healthy chocolate bar brand with a “naughty but natural” strapline.

Trend 2: Retro vibes

Vintage inspired design for food has been a trend for a while and you’re going to continue seeing the authentically old-school look.
When working on website design for fish and chip shop, Simpsons, we took inspiration from both their outgoing personality and traditional values to create a quirky yet retro design.

Trend 3: Bold geometric patterns

Using bold geometric patterns in your design is an incredibly impactful way to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Strong lines, sharp angles and expressive colours can all grab the attention of consumers and draw them in. This is why we predict that extreme abstract patterns will be a popular choice for food marketing throughout 2021 and beyond.

To create a unique logo for Churche’s Mansion, a seafood and grill restaurant in Nantwich, we incorporated aspects of the building itself. We used the clean lines and angles from the woodwork and window patterns to design a sleek logo that can easily be applied across all assets.

Trend 4: Colour blocking

Consistent colour schemes are ideal because consumers learn to associate your brand with its key colors. That’s why we’re seeing more and more designs experiment with unconventional, non-naturalistic colour blocking. These impactful shades work both separately and together and can say a lot about your food brand or product through colour only.

When shaking up the branding for Mambo Mobile Bars, a bright, bold pink was introduced to make the branding pop whilst also symbolising confidence, playfulness and the fun nature behind the brand.

Trend 5: Quirky characters

Incorporating a quirky character into your design can be a highly effective way to give your brand a distinguishing uniqueness. If you want to increase how memorable and recognisable your food brand is, it might be worth considering introducing a cute, funny or striking mascot as these can help your band tell a story.

When creating a festive children’s book for Simpsons, we designed characters that were aimed at capturing the imagination of children through colourful imagery and illustrations. The book was handed out to children who visited Simpsons’ Cheltenham restaurant to meet the main character of the book, Mother Christmas, at their festive events.

If you’re inspired by any of our top 5 food design trends for the rest of 2021 and beyond, get in touch with Eat Marketing.

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