Top packaging design trends for food marketing in 2022

Food packaging trends are always evolving, and 2022 is no exception to this. As marketers strive to use techniques that revolve around the changing behaviours of consumers, it’s never been more important to draw the attention of both new and existing customers with unique design techniques and branding.

From sustainable packaging to faux 3D deco and muted colour palettes, we’ve outlined our top five food packaging design trends for 2022 so you can go into the new year, well equipped to reach new heights.

Here are our top food branding and packaging design trends for 2022:

Food packaging design trend 1: Calm and muted colours 

pantone colour of 2022Calm and muted colour palettes are at the forefront of food packaging design trends in 2022, so expect to see designers embracing it.

Post-COVID, everyone is craving peace and calm, and these muted and calming hues provide that sigh of relief, simplifying the branding for an aesthetic and modern appearance. Muted colours help to tone down a brand, so if you find your brand surrounded by bright coloured packaging from competitors, a muted style can help you stand out. Similarly, if you’re wanting to be perceived as natural and organic, using these muted, earthy tones can help you achieve this.

With this trend set to soar in 2022, Pantone has created its new shade for colour of the year and it’s a beautiful muted blue and purple tone. Named Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, this colour is deemed the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues according to Pantone and we can expect to see this colour influence the design world.

Food packaging design trend 2: Faux 3D deco

faux 3d packaging trendFaux 3D graphic artwork adds an innovative twist to ordinary design to give a refined and contemporary edge. Playing with depth and illusion is a sure-fire technique to encourage customers to stop and look at your product.

The unique packaging design trend tells your customers that you’re on top of the latest trends and technology, portraying the message that your product is well worth their money.

Food packaging design trend 3: Raw materials 

raw materials trend Earthy, uneven textures and materials serve as a reminder to customers of where you’re sourcing your materials from, which is essential for brands that want to promote their eco-friendly ethos and tap into the consumers’ conscience.

Raw, recycled materials like paper, wood, and cardboard are gradually being introduced to offer businesses an authentic and high-end feel, as well as providing a great backdrop for printed ink, creating a delicate colour distortion.

Food packaging design trend 4: Smart and sustainable packaging 

As the industry shifts to favour businesses that place sustainability at the centre of their brand, ethical and compostable packaging are one of the many ways you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Some food brands are set to take a step further by integrating smart technology onto their packaging. With the rise of smart devices, food brands are searching for effective ways to engage, inform, and educate their customers. This is where QR codes come into play. Innovatively replacing the instructional guides on food packaging, customers can scan this to retrieve information, be redirected to the brand’s website, or even for an interactive game as part of a marketing strategy.

Food packaging design trend 5: Personalisation 

The demand for a personalised style is one of the most prominent food packaging design trends to bridge the gap between consumer wants and product reality.

Consumers want to connect on a more personal level with the companies they buy from, and personalisation is a great method to entice them in and increase brand loyalty. In 2022, more food brands will be leaning towards this concept, attempting to appeal to niche customers in less superficial ways.

If you’re inspired by any of our top five food packaging design trends for the rest of 2022 and beyond, get in touch with Eat Marketing.

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