Zan Fish Grill

Branding a new Mediterranean venture

The brief

To deliver branding for a new shop from established fish and chip shop chain, Zan Fish. The branding needed to be inline with the overarching Zan Fish business yet pay homage to the new Mediterranean menu.

What we did

Extending a successful family-run business

With over six fish and chip shops in Derby, Zan Fish were looking to expand their business. They wanted the new shop to feature a menu that represented their Greek Cypriot roots with traditional family recipes sitting alongside their traditional menu. From vegan items and chicken souvlakis, the new shop offered a variety of different flavours to what customers had been used to.

Establishing a catchy name

The new shop needed a brand name that represented the Mediterranean-themed menu, yet still reference ‘Zan Fish’ to build on the established reputation. One of the main features of the shop was a real charcoal grill and this was used to inspire the new sub brand name, Zan Fish Grill.

Mediterranean inspired branding

We wanted to highlight the Zannetou family’s Cypriot roots and bring elements of Mediterranean design into the branding for Zan Fish Grill. By using iconic aspects of the region, such as traditional patterned mosaic tiles and the colour blue, we created standout branding for Zan Fish Grill that not only tied back to the main brand but stood out on its own to attract new customers.

Mediterranean inspired menu design

We also supported Zan Fish Grill with digital menu design using the bold brand colours to deliver in-store plasma screen designs. The plasma screens offered a great opportunity to bring the story behind the shop and the family history to life for customers through eye-catching images, fun facts and highlighting menu items, such as their traditional souvlaki.

Building excitement

As well as working on the branding for Zan Fish Grill, we also helped the team with their launch campaign. We delivered content marketing and devised a social media campaign to raise awareness and build excitement around the new shop opening. A few of the blog articles we published on Zan Fish’s website were picked up and republished by local media in Derby which also helped widen the campaigns reach. Zan Fish Grill also requested Eat Marketing’s help in photographing some of their new menu, including capturing the souvlakis cooking on the grill, to make them look as delicious as possible and to be used to tease customers in the build up to the shop opening.

Continued support

Following the new shop opening in Derby, Eat Marketing have continued to support Zan Fish Grill with promoting their shop to customers. This included a recent social campaign to announce the arrival of the new gyros at the shop. Through creating an engaging Facebook instant experience advert and other promoted posts, we helped Zan Fish reach over 7,000 potential customers online.

“We’ve been working with Eat Marketing for more than eight years on our branding and social media for our other Zan Fish shops, so we knew we could trust the team to brand our new venture Zan Fish Grill. We’re really impressed once again with their design and marketing knowledge that has helped promote Zan Fish Grill to the people of Derby.” 

– Zan Fish


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