Zan Fish

Building a brand loved by a county

Zan Fish

The brief

Zan Fish wanted to stand out against the takeaway competition with a brand identity that would work across their multiple shops and connect with an active audience.

What we did

Zan Fish
Zan Fish
Zan Fish

The finest fish and chips

The Zannetou family has a rich history with fish and chips, with a business venture that started back in the 1960’s. Their aim is still the same today as it was when they first started – to offer simple, tasty takeaway food for the people of Derby.

Upon hearing Eat Marketing was a specialist marketing agency for the food industry, the family asked if we’d use our expertise to help them create a catchy brand that would resonate with their growing audience.

We created the new brand name Zan Fish inspired by the ‘Zan’ from the family name ‘Zannetou’, and accompanied the new name with the strapline ‘Finest fish and chips’ to clearly represent what customers could experience.

Following establishing the brand name, Zan Fish were next in need of a strong brand identity that would have the flex to work across a new website and social media. Focusing on the Zannetou’s passion for quality food and friendly customer service, we developed a cheeky brand personality that has allowed Zan Fish to form strong connections with their customers over the years.

Zan Fish

Growing a following of fish & chip fans

Through creative content marketing, we’ve been able to take Zan Fish to a wider audience. Eat Marketing have been supporting the team with social media marketing for more than five years, growing their Facebook following to over 4,000 engaged users.

From Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day competitions, quirky puzzles and campaigns such as the launch of their newest venture Zan Fish Grill, we’ve consistently created new and exciting ideas for Zan Fish’s social media channels. The brand’s cheeky tone of voice, works really well on social and encourages followers to chat with Zan Fish as if they were old friends (which by now, many of them probably are!).

But it’s not just social media we’ve supported Zan Fish with. From blog writing and email marketing, to poster designs, print advertising and press releases, our team has loved finding new ways to spread the delicious news of Zan Fish far and wide.

Zan Fish

Online ordering campaign

With COVID-19 forcing many restaurants and takeaways to find new ways to make revenue, Zan Fish vitally needed our help in preparing their business for online ordering.

With our experience gained over the years in setting up clients for online ordering using a variety of platforms, we were able to choose Hungrrr as the most suitable platform for Zan Fish to use. After trialling online ordering for click & collect at their flagship store Zan Fish Village, the business rolled out the service to their other shops.

We worked closely with the Zan Fish team to get everything ready for click & collect. Customers are directed to Zan Fish’s website where they can then click through to the online ordering platform, meaning traffic to their business website does not decline. Zan Fish have also been able to create their own app allowing customers to download to place their order.

To help drive interest in the reopening, we devised an engaging social media strategy that saw teaser posts reaching more than 35,000 people on Facebook and receiving over 1,200 reactions. Once reopened, we also actively supported the busy team in replying to customer queries and created educational videos which were posted daily, to help inform customers about using the new online system.

Zan Fish
Zan Fish

“We see Eat Marketing as our internal marketing team. They have supported us right from the start, creating a brand I am so proud of, and they continue to work with us inline with our evolving Zan Fish vision.”



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