From kitchen to market: How we helped establish a family start up brand devoted to quality oat shakes

The brief

Mother and son duo, Moira and Oli, came to us wanting to create a unique brand for their new dairy free and gluten free oat shakes. The brand needed to be customer friendly, accessible and bold enough to stand out in a competitive market. Both were passionate about “reinventing the milkshake”, with their key aim to push the sustainability and health benefits of oats, which are at the centre of the brand.

What we did

Our approach

Our first focus was to create a name for the new brand. We gave the client a list of name options, which was eventually whittled down to one, DevOATed. A play on the word devoted with a nod to the key oat ingredient within the shakes, and the passion that Oli and Moira have for the product.

With a fitting name, the rest of the brand development followed. The logo typeface was created to be clear, bold and simple in line with the clients request. We also created a primarily neutral brand colour palette, designed to represent the idea of the clean and natural ingredients used in the shakes, alongside the artisanal process involved in creating the product. Sub-colours were created to suit each of the three flavours, adding a layer of vibrancy and differentiation to the overall branding.

Throughout the brand development process, our team alongside the client, was keen to reflect the artisan and wholesome feel of the product. This was achieved through clean and simple packaging that emphasised the brand’s key USPs, with stylised icons, and their British farming heritage which was essential to the brand vision and values.

A website that tells a story

To ensure brand consistency, we approached the website design, with simplicity in mind. To add depth and authenticity, the website incorporates natural photography and textures for a unique look, linking back to the idea of nature and sustainability which is close to the brand’s heart.

Through strategic use of visuals, which include real life photography, typography and layout, users are guided through a narrative that communicates the brand’s story, values and USPs. Alongside an insight-driven SEO and keyword strategy that will drive website traffic and conversions. We also provided the team with a style guide to help them consistently apply the branding throughout their marketing communications.

The result

DevOATed now has a brand that effectively reimagines the oat milkshake, and welcomes dairy drinkers and non-dairy drinkers to try their sustainable and high quality British product. Their brand is authentic, real and simplistic, all whilst promoting the many benefits of their oat shakes, establishing a strong connection with their target audience that will allow  them to grow in the future.

“Eat Marketing have been creative and supportive from the onset of our project.

The team has absorbed our feedback, been adaptive and engaged, and ultimately delivered the brand pack we envisioned”.

Founding Director


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