From flavour to finish line: Branding Larder as a casual fine dining destination in Lichfield


The brief

Ahead of their new restaurant launch in Lichfield, Larder needed help with their restaurant marketing, website design and brand positioning. As one of our retained clients, we put Larder's studio time to good use by developing and providing ongoing support across a number of key areas. This collaborative effort ensured that Larder was not just ready for their grand launch, but poised to make a lasting impact on the culinary scene in Lichfield for years to come.

What we did


A family-run business with heart

Established in 2018, and located in the heart of Lichfield, Larder is a family-run restaurant that serves quality produce with bold flavours, and is both refined but proudly relaxed in its approach. To help define the brand, we worked with Larder to firstly create a strong strapline that represented what customers could expect: “All flavour. No pomp.” captured the essence of Larder’s commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences without unnecessary extravagance, setting the stage for a brand identity that resonated with their target audience and distinguished them in the local restaurant scene.

Bringing a local dining experience to life  

A mobile-friendly website was essential to the brand, we developed a design for Larder that used subtle animation and bespoke food-led illustrations, with an easy to use online booking system for table reservations seamlessly integrated. With a contemporary brand colour palette and a strong visual identity in place, we applied this to their email marketing incentives, customer sign-ups and overall launch campaign to entice and engage diners. We also provided support with newsletter template design and email marketing training to allow Larder to create their own email campaigns in the future.


Standing out on socials

To engage their local online following we worked with Larder to develop a creative social content plan. From fun social media competitions to special menu teaser posts, and exclusive behind the scenes content, we’ve helped define Larder’s social media persona. By providing ongoing social media support, including creative assets and scheduling, we’re able to ensure consistency and keep Larder’s social channels fun, engaging and fresh.

During the pandemic, we also worked with Larder on a tasty bounceback campaign. From sub-branding their new Al Fresco dining offering, where foodies could eat their Larder favourites outdoors during the summer, to their exclusive party hire offering for extra special private events. The campaign successfully celebrated bringing people back together after a period of uncertainty and hardship, and was a real hit on social media where we promoted it out to their following.

Bounceback campaign for Larder Lichfield
Branding Outdoor Dining

Mouthwatering menus made special

We created a set of menus that elevate the Larder brand, all are personable, immersive and unique, capturing a refined and unforgettable food experience like no other.  We also supported Larder with the launch of their new menus via social media, building anticipation with tasty teasers, and guiding customers to the menu page on their website to check them out once they had launched. Their menus now reflect the full Larder brand experience.

We continue to support Larder with seasonal menu designs that add to the restaurant’s evolving narrative, ensuring that their online presence remains engaging and vibrant, so customers come back for more again and again.

Eat Marketing’s input on our marketing strategy has been invaluable and their creativity has ensured everything we do is well-designed and aligned to our overall branding.

– Luke, Larder Lichfield


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