Simpsons Fish and Chips

Long live delicious website design


The brief

To create a refreshed website that reflected Simpsons’ outgoing personality and was also inline with their updated branding and continued business growth.

What we did


A design that tastes as good as it looks

Fun, fresh-thinking and quirky fish and chip shop brand Simpsons needed a website design that suited their outgoing personality and positioned them on another level to competitors.

Inspired by their traditional values and natural cooking methods, Eat Marketing’s website design gave Simpsons’ brand even more personality.

We wanted to bring together all the aspects that make the brand who they are, and convey it in an engaging way for users. Simpsons are passionate about using locally-sourced and sustainable produce, so it was important the website highlighted this along with how much support they give to their staff.

Bonny’s parents have also worked in the industry prior to opening the shop, so the website offered a chance to show that industry experience wasn’t just a given at Simpsons, it was in their genes. When Simpsons’ second shop in Stroud opened, the website also needed the flex to be able to add new locations and information as the business grew.


Getting down with Simpsons Kids

Simpsons wanted the business to connect and appeal to everyone, no matter their age. As an all inclusive brand, it was important kids were given the opportunity to form a connection with and understand more about their fish and chips.

We created a microsite for Simpsons aimed at children and used the ‘Simpsons Crew’ characters to bring the information and activities to life. From colouring-in puzzles to family-friendly challenges, the site is packed full of fun things to do. It’s also a great place for Simpsons to promote their children’s book, educating little ones on the importance of sustainable food sourcing.


Designing for a tastier future

Now, here comes the techy stuff. On top of the design update and influx of fresh content, our developers also got to work making sure the website works the best it can.

From ensuring the page weight is low for faster browsing and updating the overall build for a better mobile and tablet experience, the Eat Marketing team worked hard to ensure the site ticks over perfectly.

Simpsons Fish and Chips now have a website that not only reflects the quirky nature of their brand, but is also consistent with their tone of voice on social media and interior shop design. Thanks to Eat Marketing, customers can now enjoy both top notch content and a website that works faster and better than ever before.

In 2019, the number of new users to Simpsons’ website was 23,000, whilst the average number of users per month is 2,000.


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