A ‘Kandinsky Salad’ Paves the Way for Artful Eating

Kandinsky Salad

Have you every seen a Kandinsky salad? Here at Eat Marketing, we like to stay ahead when it comes to what’s happening in the food industry and we recently saw an article that caught our eye…

We read that experimental psychologists at Oxford University looked into the impact of presentation when we choose what we eat by arranging three different plates of salad. ‘Plating practices’ – arranging food on a plate in a certain way, happens all the time in restaurants and even varies from culture to culture or country to country, and it can make a real difference when it comes to what we’ll pick to eat! The first salad was a ‘Kandinsky salad’ inspired by the beautiful Wassily Kandinsky Painting No. 201. The salad replicated the abstract painting perfectly, offering a riot of colour for maximum impact. The second salad gave a few salad offerings (such as broccoli sprouts and snow peas) in neat rows and the last plate was simply a selection of salad piled high on a plate. These three plates were given to three groups and, unsurprisingly, the Kandinsky plate was rated as the best and the psychologists discovered something even more interesting – diners were willing to pay twice as much for such an attractive plate of food – both before and after eating it.

Kandinsky Salad

The Kandinsky salad experiment makes you think doesn’t it? What this tells us is that
when food looks its best, it tastes and appears even better than expected. This is something to consider when it comes to your own food, and that starts from even before you serve your food to your customers. How your food looks starts with any images, branding and design you have for your food business. The right food photography, along with how you brand and package your food can make all the difference – food really does taste better when branded and packaged in the right way.

If you want to show your customers just how great your food tastes, follow the Kandinsky salad way and start at the beginning. Here at Eat Marketing, we can help you with creating delicious looking images and branding that catches the eye.

Images from: The Telegraph and The Guardian

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