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Restaurant Marketing Unlocked: How to ensure your restaurant’s reopening safety information doesn’t intrude on customer experience

As part of our Restaurant Marketing Unlocked series, we’ll be letting you in on key marketing insight that will help your restaurant bounceback once reopen.

This time around we’re looking at how to ensure your restaurant’s reopening internal safety information is on-brand.

Styling social distancing

restaurant reopening

For restaurants to safely reopen, Government advice includes ensuring social distancing and hygiene notices are clearly available for customers to view inside your restaurant.

Almost half (47%) of consumers questioned in research carried out by restaurant intelligence platform Yumpingo, said their key criteria for choosing where to dine in the future will be based on a restaurant’s social distancing policies – especially if they exceed the legal requirements.

The difficulty for all restaurants reopening will be striking the balance between informing customers on the importance of following rules, in a way that doesn’t disturb the ambience and is still on-brand.

Plastering glaring and garish safety notices everywhere will not only impact the interior design of your restaurant, but also detract from the experience for customers who dine out for that sense of escapism.

Clear, consistent and on-brand

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Whether it’s your signage, posters or floor markers, keep your internal messaging consistent to reassure customers.

Ensure your tone of voice is clear without being overbearing and any social distancing markers are on-brand.

In our latest whitepaper ‘How to get your restaurant open for business within the current government guidelines’, we delve deeper into how to create Covid-19 safety notices around your restaurant that are inline with your brand and still get the message across.

Why this will benefit your restaurant

Customers are ready to dine out, they just need reassurance that you’re taking the situation seriously. By your restaurant reopening with internal safety information that’s consistent with your brand, it will:

  • Ensure you’re following updated government guidance
  • Prevent off-brand, confusing signage that could potentially put off customers
  • Ensure diners, visitors and employees are on the same page for policies
  • Bring peace of mind to diners without detracting from restaurant experience

Sound good?

Download our free whitepaper today to get the inspiration and insight you need to establish what internal safety information you need to create and how to do this inline with your brand.

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