Eat Marketing’s Top 7 Food Hacks

Nowadays, cooking a meal at the end of a busy day is something we’d all rather avoid. Longer hours and lengthier commutes means we often just want a quick, microwaveable meal before heading to bed. Well, to help you get back into the swing of healthier eating, without using up too much of your time, we’ve put together a list of our top 7 food hacks. From those we use in the Eat Marketing office, to the ones we use when we’re chilling out back home, there’s a hack for every occasion.

Frozen grapes


So, you’ve just got in from work and really fancy a glass of chilled white wine. Instead of diving into your freezer for ice cubes, think ahead and freeze grapes. Along with keeping your wine cold, they won’t water down the flavour.

Quick veggies


Looking to eat more veggies, but can’t be bothered to wait around for them to boil? Invest in some microwaveable bags. To cook your greens in good time, simply prep and place them into the bags, add a tablespoon of water and microwave for around 3 minutes. Ta da – a healthy dinner in less than 5.

Keep ice cream soft


Ever nearly snapped a spoon whilst trying to dig into your favourite ice cream? Well, we’ve got a great tip to keep your ice cream soft serve every time – just place the container into a bag whilst in your freezer! You can thank us later…

The perfect steak


Cooking steak, but don’t want to under or over fry it? Simply use the finger and thumb test, where you start by pinching your thumb and little finger together, and gradually change fingers. With your little finger, feel your thumb’s muscle, this should be tough, just like a well-done steak. Alternatively, your index finger and thumb together will feel soft, just like a blue steak. See, easy!

Oxo Cube trick


Whether you’re in the mood for a spagbol, or fancy jazzing up your Sunday roast gravy, Oxo Cubes are a go-to ingredient. To save yourself the hassle of getting crumbled-up Oxo powder everywhere, simply gently unfold the corner of the cube, until it looks like a small foil bag. Once that’s been done, gently crush the cube inside the foil, and tear when ready to sprinkle over your meal. No mess, no fuss!

No over boiling


If you’re as busy as us, when it comes to boiling pasta you often don’t have the extra 10 minutes to sit and monitor the stove. To save you the worry of your pan over boiling, simply place a wooden spoon across the top. This will keep your water simmering, and leave you with the time you need for life admin (or chilling out in front of the TV).  

Ring pulls


Ever wondered why the ring pull on your fizzy drink can has a hole in it? Well, here’s a handy little hack – the ring pull (when turned around) is designed to keep your drinking straw in place. So, next time you’re on the go remember our ring pull trick to help keep things in place.


Prepped and ready to go?

We hope these nifty hacks have you got you inspired to be more creative in the kitchen. To read more articles on food and the culinary industry, be sure to check out the rest of our website.


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