Our top 7 food marketing trends for 2024

The marketing world is ever-evolving and it can be hard to keep up with the latest food and marketing trends, so it’s more important now than ever to stay ahead of the curve. In 2023, we’ve seen more affordable food alternatives in line with the cost of living crisis, the rise of fusion food and the move towards more natural plant-based food products than ever before.

As we approach 2024, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and satisfy your customers’ appetites with these 7 food marketing trends for 2024.

Trend 1: The “Dupe” Trend * 

Now more than ever consumers are craving authenticity without breaking the bank, with the “dupe” trend moving from the personal care market to the food and beverage industry. Brands are creating more affordable options of high-end products at a fraction of the cost, making them attractive to consumers who are looking for quality alternatives. This food marketing trend in 2024 will continue to grow as people battle with the financial effects of the cost of living crisis. 

* Note: The intention behind dupes is to offer an option for consumers who may not be able to afford the higher-end product, without illegally infringing on any trademarks or patents (this is what fake products do).

Trend 2: Putting the “plant” back in plant-based 

As part of the food marketing trends of 2024, it seems food brands will be making a real effort to ensure real plants take centre stage in the plant-based food revolution. The food industry will be evolving from mock meats and returning to veggie burgers and main dishes made with actual veggies, pulses, nuts, and seeds to appeal to the vegetarian and vegan purists. 

2.6 million people in Europe are now vegan, representing 3.2% of the European population. With these statistics in mind, it’s safe to say that there’s a huge space for more truly plant-based food and it will be interesting to see how consumers react to this shift back to all natural products.

Trend 3: Health conscious food choices 

Every year there is a growing importance of health conscious food choices and 2024 isn’t any different. As consumers prioritise well-being, food businesses have the opportunity to cater to this demand by offering nourishing options, with 57% of people expressing a preference for food and drink brands that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. 

The most desired health benefits include low fat and sugar, high protein, low calorie and vegetables. Could you serve up some tasty, low cal options for your customers to help boost revenue next year?

Trend 4: Personalisation and customisation  

In line with people’s desire to consume healthier food and drinks, they also want to enjoy a tailored food experience, unique to them as individuals. The “one size fits all” approach, especially with nutritional food options, such as meal kits, is no longer cutting it with consumers. Everyone’s body is different and so are their fitness goals, which is why  personalisation in the nutritional industry will be a key food marketing trend in 2024. 

Think about how your food business can adapt to meet the individual tastes and preferences of your customers, from personalised meal kits to special offers on specific foods that certain customers like. How will you be approaching this trend in 2024?

Trend 5: Authentic cuisines and bold colours 

2024 will be the year that celebrates rich, authentic cuisines paired with bright and bold colours. Beyond taste, this food marketing trend for 2024 appeals to the visual senses, creating a holistic culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers. 

62% find the authenticity of a dish important to them when eating out of home, emphasising the fact that consumers are ready and willing to explore new flavours and embrace foods that authentically showcase different cultures.

Trend 6: Social media becomes a customer service and search tool  

Navigating social media can sometimes feel like a minefield, however its importance and evolution within the food marketing industry is something that should be capitalised, from engaging with customers, addressing queries, to leveraging social media as a powerful marketing tool. 

The integration of shoppable links and short-form video social media platforms, like TikTok, growing social media is certainly influencing marketing as we know it. Creating a visually appealing social presence is essential in order to track the right attention and humanise your brand.

Trend 7: British fusion food 

British Fusion is set to dominate the food industry in 2024. By offering a unique blend of diverse culinary influences and exploring the crossroads where traditional British flavours meet global inspirations, British fusion food has the ability to provide something new and delicious for consumers. 

British fusion food is perfect for a wide range of consumers, because it appeals to both fussy eaters as they are comforted by the familiar British aspect, and it also works well for the more adventurous eaters as the fusion element adds something different. With 68% of consumers finding British fusion appealing, the merging of different cuisines encourages eaters to spend their money on cuisines they are unfamiliar with, and we suspect this will be a huge food marketing trend in 2024.

Want to know more about any of these food marketing trends for 2024 or need help serving them up in your own content strategy? Get in touch with us today.

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