Unwrapping Success: How to create the best seasonal restaurant marketing campaigns

With ¾ of holiday season consumers reporting that sales, discounts, and similar promotions are highly influential when it comes to their seasonal purchases, the power of a good seasonal campaign does not go unnoticed. The best restaurant marketing campaigns have the ability to boost sales and revenue, increase brand awareness, attract new customers and connect with existing ones. 

ResDiary, a leading supplier in the hospitality sector, recently released their extensive study into restaurants planning for the festive season, let’s unwrap their findings shall we? 

Disclaimer: All statistics have come from ResDiary’s recent festive campaign study, which is available to download here.

Why your restaurant needs a strategic seasonal campaign

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, which is why it’s even more important to have a campaign strategy that sets you apart from the rest. Whether that’s with bold and creative visuals that encourage your audience to book a table or by offering seasonal promotions that diners can’t resist, a well-executed campaign strategy can be the key to standing out in the bustling restaurant landscape.

According to ResDiary, restaurants that invest in strategic marketing campaigns are seeing mouthwatering results. Finding that “89% of restaurants who spend £1,000+ on advertising are fully booked.” 

By assessing your seasonal campaigns strategically, your restaurant is more likely to reap the rewards and have the best restaurant marketing campaigns, as you’ll be better prepared to capture the attention of your consumers, strengthen customer loyalty, and solidify your restaurant’s position as a top choice for foodies. 

Start planning your seasonal campaign early

It’s not by chance that certain brands have the best restaurant marketing campaigns, it’s actually through early planning and foresight that they’re able to experience success in their campaigns. Those who get ahead and plan their seasonal campaigns well in advance tend to enjoy higher returns, as reported by ResDiary who specifically focused on the Christmas season finding that, “82% of venues who prepare before August take significantly more revenue during the festive season.” 

We’d recommend that, at the start of every new season, you should be planning for the next season ahead and strategically thinking of ideas for your campaign. 

How to ensure your restaurant avoids those dreaded January Blues

The festive period is not only a time for celebration but also an opportunity to set the stage for the year ahead. By leveraging the holiday season, you can incentivise customers to make bookings into the New Year. 

ResDiary’s insights found that, “71% of restaurants put their plans in place before August offering exclusive offers to their festive diners, effectively encouraging return visits and maintaining a steady flow of customers in January.” Proving that this strategy can help your restaurant maintain a steady flow of business and avoid the post-holiday slump that often affects many in the industry.

How we can help 

Whether you have a sizzling summer campaign in mind, a cosy Christmas promotion or an autumnal campaign you’d like to promote to your diners, we’re here to help. As a specialist food marketing agency, we have the expertise and creativity to tailor campaigns to your restaurant. From festive homepage takeovers to email marketing and seasonal social media support, we’ll make sure you have the best restaurant marketing campaigns that deliver tasty results. 

Not sure where to start with your restaurant’s seasonal marketing campaign? Get in touch with us today to start the ball rolling.

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