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Food Marketing Trends for 2020

If you’re in the food industry, it’s always interesting to look at food marketing trends as a new year kicks in and with 2020 nearly upon us, we’ve had a good look around for you. Here’s our top five food marketing trends for 2020…

The rise and rise of veganism

There’s definitely been a vegan boom over the last few years and according to a new survey by the number of vegans will just keep rising with more than one in five Brits going meat-free by 2020. Reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle are varied and are often interlaced. People care about animals, the environmental impact and increasingly, the health aspect. With a growing choices for vegans both in supermarkets and restaurants, it’s so much easier to enjoy varied and delicious vegan meals that feel so good for you too. If your menu currently does not feature any vegan options, it may be time to consider how you can offer great tasting dishes that are meat free.

Zero waste and the restaurant industry

There’s been a steady rise in eco-friendly packaging and zero waste in recent years and in 2020, we will see this become more evident in restaurants. As more and more establishments become increasingly aware that consumers want and value food brands that are eco-friendly.

Honing in on zero waste is also good from a business perspective, with your costs being reduced as well as the environmental benefits.

Visual content

Visual content

Visual content will continue to make waves in 2020.  The food industry continues to recognise the importance of image-focused content and the benefits it brings in engaging customers. Visual content isn’t just about a pretty plate of food either. Yes, great photos of what you have to offer matter, but also think about infographics, videos and even animation in your 2020 content strategy. If you’re not sure where to start with visual content, talk to a design team and discover just how creative your food brand could get. After all, visuals attract people’s attention and according to research, posts with images produce a whopping 180% more engagement as our brain processes visual 60,000 times faster.

Insight driven marketing

When planning your marketing strategy for 2020, you’ll want to know what’s been working and what hasn’t for your food brand. This is where the use of analytics and insight driven marketing will come into play. It’s a trend that’s only going to grow over the next 12 months, as more food businesses use proven successes to base future decisions on for the following year.

Locavore eating

Organic food locally sourced

Have you heard of locavore eating? One step on from the interest and demand for organic food, this is all about focusing on menu dishes that are made with ingredients grown locally as well as being sourced from nearby farms. The idea is, that by eating local, locavores not only avoid processed foods and the ‘carbon print’ effect in transporting food, they also feel a greater connection to their food sources – and they are helping to support local food suppliers. How much emphasis do you place on sourcing food from local suppliers? Is it something you could make a priority in 2020 to stay inline with this trend?

Customer experience

Across all industries, the customer experience is a crucial consideration and the food industry is no exception. In 2020, the importance of providing great customer experiences will continue to grow as more food businesses tap into this important element. Add customer experience to your marketing strategy and see what a difference it makes. That way, you’ll understand exactly what your existing customers want as well as attract new ones. A good customer experience strategy delves into how efficient, convenient, knowledgeable and friendly your service is, as well as what customers think of your food.

We hope you have enjoyed our take on the food marketing trends for 2020 you should know about and perhaps. If you’re looking to take your marketing strategy to the next level or want to find out more about how great marketing can help, get in touch with us at Eat Marketing and let’s explore together.

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