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Exploring vegan food packaging designs with impact

vegan food packaging design

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Have you noticed the craze for vegan food? Over the past few years, there’s been a definite shift towards plant based eating and now, the vegan food boom seems to be everywhere! Take a look at supermarket shelves and, quite noticeably, vegan food packaging design, which is as adventurous as the vegan food they contain…

Market expert Mintel recently revealed that the UK is officially the world leader for vegan food launches (overtaking previous leader, Germany) as more and more people are opting for meat-free alternatives. Aside from a rise in veganism, the same Mintel survey found that 34 per cent of British meat eaters reduced their meat consumption in the latter half of 2018, and this number is rising. Initiatives such as Veganuary are also helping raise awareness.

When it comes to new vegan food launches, food companies are also putting a lot of effort into their vegan food packaging designs as they can see it is not just vegans who are interested in plant based foods, but that it is also those looking for healthy meat-free options too.

But what about vegan food perceptions? The interest in plant-based foods may be rising, yet there is still a perception amongst some that vegan food lacks flavour. This means when it comes to vegan food packaging design it should be fun, attractive and enticing, reflecting the new exciting wave of tastes and flavour combinations of vegan food.

The M&S Plant Kitchen range is a great example of vegan food packaging design that looks as good as the food inside! The full vegan range consists of 60 products including burgers, pizzas, curries and drinks.
The actual design for the Plant Kitchen range is deliberately informal and along with the actual recipes that draw inspiration from street food and food festivals, so does the design. Take a look…

marks and spencer plant kitchen packaging

Photo from: www.coleyporterbell.com/helping-ms-unleash-the-power-of-plant-based-nutrition

It’s very fresh, very modern and has that artisan effect with its cool blue hues on the cardboard covering. The aim was to create vegan food packaging that reflected the superior taste of the food inside, as well as communicate to the consumer that here was food which unleashes the power of plants in every mouthful.
Here at Eat Marketing, we’re particularly taken with the unusual blue packaging colour. It’s an important part of the design as the colour was specifically created for the brand so it’s not only category-defining, but it stands out from other ranges in store. Clean, delicious looking photography and playful food descriptions such as ‘dirty fries’ and ‘chilli non-carne’ also add a distinctive, playful edge.

The Meatless Farm Company is another plant-based food business whose aim is to ‘make meatless delicious’. Their product range can be found in big brand supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Morrisons and as with M&S’s Plant Kitchen range, you can clearly see the products, in this case fresh mince and fresh burger patties, through the clear packing. However, when it comes to the actual vegan food packaging design, it’s very different. The simple illustrations and strapline: ‘Lovingly Made From Plants’ is designed to feel friendly and even quite homely. There’s an almost childlike quality to the design through the illustrations and it works as the impression is that it offers consumers a reassuring alternative to meat.

meatless farm packaging

Photo from: www.livekindly.co/new-vegan-mince-meat-burgers-the-meatless-farm-sainsburys

It’s not just instore vegan products that are going for eye-catching vegan food packaging designs, our growing appetite for ‘dishes to your door’ delivery services has seen a whole range of different companies’ crop up to meet demand, including allplants. This company comprises of a team of chefs who are passionate about, and specialise in, preparing delicious plant based meals that are delivered to your door and that are ready to be eaten in minutes from frozen.
Their passion for plant based eating extends to the impactful way it reduces our environmental footprint, as there is less pressure on the animal farming industry and the impact that breeding animals for food has on the environment. We particularly like that this is reflected in the composition of their packaging and is as important as what the vegan food packaging design actually looks like.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable, as well as partly compostable and mostly reusable. We also love their ‘zero-waste’ mission that invites customers to return their delivery packaging for recycling or reusing, free of charge. Customers simply need to store the insulation liner and ice packs in their allplants box, stick the added returns label over their original delivery address and to drop off their package, resealed, at their nearest Collect+ point. It’s a great way to tie the brand into the eco-friendly side of veganism as well.

all plants packaging design

Photo from: www.thefoodrush.com/articles/plant-based-ready-meals-allplants

The design is so eye-catching too; with bold colours and shapes that reflect the colourful food images on their website. Through these bright colours, we can almost taste the food inside!

When it comes to food packaging design, it’s clear that what consumers see before they even open their packaging to try the food is as important as the taste, such as the design, composition and environmental factors. If you’re thinking of zinging up your food packaging, whether your food is vegan, vegetarian, meaty or sweetie, we can help. Get in touch today and discover how great food packaging design can create a big impact on your food sales.

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